Sunday, 30 November 2008

Happy Stitches!

I met Lucy Neatby this week!!! She comes over to the UK every year as some of her family live in Norfolk. To cut a long story short, Meg, a knitting friend of Lucy's sister, asked Lucy if she would talk to a group of knitters, and she said yes!! What a great evening. Lucy was a really lovely person, and she came armed with lots of her knitting, as well as some beautiful yarn. She told us how she started knitting and designing, and inspired us with many photos of her work. She answered questions, and was happy to show us many of her techniques. She told us how she liked to make stitches happy, by having them surrounded by other stitches, and her logo reflects this.
Here are some of the items I was in total awe of........

As you can see, the colours were absolutely stunning. I bought two skeins of Lucy's yarn (ok, I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more yarn this year, but these were exceptional circumstances!!) - the colours of the yarns are truly glorious.

I'm going to use the lower skein of Celestial Merino (shade Blue Vesuvius) to knit this scarf. I think that I have fondled the actual scarves that appear on the pattern itself, as Lucy knits all her own items, except for having people knit them to check the pattern. Lucy showed me how to make the holes, and when she did it, it didn't seem that tricky! We shall see! I expect that the other skein of yarn will become a pair of socks!

And here is the lady herself....

It was a brilliant evening. And I think that I may have found a knitting group to join too. Thursday night is Knit Night - Meg's group meet at a pub fairly close to where I live, so I shall try to go this week. Now excuse me while I go and make some stitches happy!

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Cinders said...

wow! Lucky you meeting her. there are some gorgoeus items in your photos. Its funny how you imagine someone in your head and they're never the same when you see a photo.