Saturday, 24 January 2009

Stash enhancement of a sort!

As regular readers will know, I am on a stashbust at the moment, and am not 'allowed' to buy yarn, in an attempt to reduce my quite sizeable stash! I've decided to put £1 (or an IOU!) into a pot for each ball of yarn knitted, to save for I Knit and/or Ally Pally later in the year. I had a rummage through said stash, and retrieved a number of odd balls left over from various projects..........2 balls of Louisa Harding Jasmine, a ball of Mirasol Sulka and the 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden from my frogged stripy scarf. I already had a ball of each in my stash for my Lizard Ridge blanket project, so kept the part knitted balls and returned the unknitted ones to my LYS. I had about £40 of yarn returned, and yes, I know that I could have added that money to my pot, but seeing all the yarn just calling out to me, I exchanged it for the following........
2 balls of Colinette Tao in the colourway Venezia. It's 100% silk and feels absolutely luxurious. I have had my beady eyes on it ever since I first stroked some last year.

1 skein of Colinette Parisienne in the colourway Velvet Damson. It's 70% kid mohair and 30% polyamide, and is beautifully soft.

The two yarns will be knitted together to make this scarf. I'm going to make the scarf half the suggested width, otherwies it would be VERY expensive! Here's how they look side by side.....

I also bought a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in the colourway October Afternoon. It's a yummy mix of reds, oranges and greens. I loved Snoopydog's yarn in this colourway, so while she has a jumper, I will have matching socks!!

After the exchange of yarns was complete, I had to pay the grand sum of 15p!! Nothing for the Yarn Police to get too worked up about I don't think!!

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snoopydog said...

Hmm! The Yarn Police are watching from a safe distance. Fab exchanges. I adore the Tao.....I've had my beady eye on it too, but am worried about breaking the law.LOL