Sunday, 15 March 2009

March sock update

I've been storming on with my socks this week, and have managed to finish the first of each pair of socks currently OTN. Both the Waving not Drowning and Spring Forward patterns are fairly simple and easy to memorise. My adaptations to the latter worked a treat, and the sock fits perfectly! Phew! I've cast on their partners and am hoping to get them well underway this week. I haven't got much semi-solid yarn in my stash, as I normally get lured by all the bright colour combinations, but I love how the pattern really shows through so well with the purple yarn. Hmmmm .............. an excuse to stash-enhance perhaps?!

My creation

It has been another glorious day here in Norfolk, and Henry Cat (possibly the best grey velvety pussycat in the world ever) was sunbathing.

Springtime Henry Cat

He is gorgeous, and he knows it! I spotted a bee buzzing around this morning, and also saw my first ladybird of the year. The flowering currant is just about to burst out into bloom too.

springtime henry cat 009

I'm looking forward to longer days, and being able to sit outside and knit again in the warmth of the sun. Bliss!


Jominx said...

Your socks are gorgeous :D but your cat OMG too cute!!!

I can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive either :D

snoopydog said...

Love the socks! That purple yarn is really gorgeous. Henry is a very, very lovely pussycat..... you can see he knows it too!