Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ladies who lunch ......... and knit!

Snoopydog came for lunch today. We had a great time catching up with knitterly news, drinking mugs of tea and eating cheese on toast! Snoops gave me a great gift - a very cute little sheep piggy bank for storing all my £1 coins from stash knitting! Here it is. You can just see the tip of Henry Cat's nose - he was inspecting it!

Ladies who lunch and knit! 003

I shall have to turn my I.O.U. list into real money ready to spend at I Knit this September ready for when Snoopydog and I have our girls' day out! So far I think I have about £25 to spend!!

Not a great deal of knitting was done, although not for the want of trying! Snoopydog was just starting the trimming for her Wendy Happy baby cardigan, and kept getting distracted by chatting! This was the sum total of her afternoon's efforts!

Ladies who lunch and knit! 002

It's a tricky 4 row repeated pattern with lots of knit 2 togethers, yarn forwards and casting off stitches, all done with slippery yarn! More than once, Snoopydog ended up with the wrong number of stitches! But it will look very pretty once it's finished! I worked on my Circle socks and hope to finish them in the next day or so. Call back later to take a look!


snoopydog said...

I'm glad to see that you chose NOT to report the 224 rounds of sock knitting YOU managed to complete! Are there that many rounds in a sock? Maybe in knee-highs...LOL Anyways, I had a thoroughly pleasant lunch and afternoon, so thanks josiekitten. See you again soon. X

Jominx said...

It sounds like you had a lovely afternoon, my idea of heaven :D