Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Oh baby!

There must be something in the air - or there must have been 9 months ago! Because a lot of people on Phoenix Knitting Forums have been busy knitting baby clothes. My offerings are for baby Ida, new daughter of Jonathan, a colleague. I was asked to make something by my boss, 'as you knit'! So after a quick search on Ravelry, and asking friends for favourite patterns, I came up with these...........

Ida's gifts

Using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, I made Saartje's Booties, Sweet Baby Cap and Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. But what about the toy you were talking about last time, I hear you cry?! RATS!! I've been rumbled! I was making Kate, a cute little cat. But it is sooooooooo fiddly! My sewing skills aren't great, and I'm terrified that an ear or paw is going to get detached from the body, and I'll be repsonsible for choking poor little Ida! So Kitty Kate is still in pieces in a carrier bag, in the naughty corner!! I'll dig her out again sometime, I promise!


Poison_kitty said...

Aww they're beautiful, and I'm more than certain they'll really be appreciated! Knitting for babies is such a quick thril and you are finished before you know it! I've been eyeing up "opart" on knitty.com for a baby I know, and I've been asked to knit some more teddies too! It must be baby season!

snoopydog said...

They look beautiful josiekitten. Ida is a very lucky girl! The little jacket is especially lovely.