Tuesday, 11 August 2009

K is for Knit!

Take a large bag of brightly coloured acrylic yarn, some child-friendly knitting needles and a couple of books. Put them together and what do you have? The beginnings of a school knitting club!

K is for Knit

I'm hoping to inspire some of the children in my school to become the next generation of knitters. So I've been busy making things to show the kids and get them all fired up with enthusiasm! I joined the 'K is for Knit' group on Ravelry and they have been very helpful with ideas. These are the projects I've come up with so far.......

K is for Knit

I thought a garter stitch scarf for a teddy would make a good start, or a set of garter stitch juggling balls. Other ideas are a case for a mobile phone or iPod, a cuddly caterpillar, a rabbit (believe it or not, this started off as a square of knitting. Find out how by looking here!), a purse, some flowers and a little monster toy. I'm planning on starting off with a small number of children (unless I can press-gang anyone else to lend a hand), and having projects cast on already. As each group of children becomes more proficient, then more will be able to join, and I will (hopefully!) be able to use the children to show the next group what to do. That's the plan anyway! I will report back once the club is up and running. In the meantime, if you have any simple patterns you can recommend, then please leave me a message. Thanks!


snoopydog said...

I love the little items that you've made for the children. They'll love them! I'm going to watch the success (yes, I'm sure it will be!) of your club very closely, then maybe I'll be confident enought to start one in my school too :)

Madmum said...

I love these items - such a great idea. My eldest starts school this year and I have been thinking of offering my knitting services at some point in the future. These are great inspiration.

busybusybeejay said...

What a great idea.What age are the children?I have taught my GD to knit aged 9 but we only see them every couple of months and she forgets!