Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow time

It's a magical winter wonderland here in North Norfolk. Right on the coast, we hardly ever get much snow, but we've had some every day since last Thursday. Not enough to bring things to a standstill, but enough to be an inconvenience. I just wish that it had timed itself better and fallen a week later. Now, snow on Christmas Eve would be lovely. You could just batten down the hatches and snuggle in front of the fire. I need to be out and about doing last minute Christmassy things for the next few days, and could do without the snow! But it did look very pretty this morning.

December snowfall 2009 011

You can see where Henrycat went on his early morning stroll round the neighbourhood. He also used the short cut across the log store.

December snowfall 2009 005

This is the 3rd Christmas for our real tree out in the garden. It gets a bigger pot each year. I love the blue lights twinkling away on it!

December snowfall 2009 001

I've finished knitting my mini-stockings for this year. I only managed three as gifts, so I will have to start making them earlier next time. They are fun to make, and look very cute on the tree.

more mini stockings 008

My spinning wheel has had its first coating of Danish Oil. It's moved from the bed to the floor! The upstairs now stinks and it's too cold to open the windows! Hey ho!

spinning wheel 1st oiling

I found another ball of new yarn hiding on the shelves today. It's a Zauberball in Tropical Fish colourway, and I'm hoping it's going to become a pair of Mojo socks. The colours are lovely.

forgotten stash!

My December socks are still on schedule for completion this year. Hopefully finished photos next time! I have another, more important, sock issue on my mind at the moment. The question is - do I have enough time to knit Mr Josiekitten a pair of socks between now and Christmas Day? Well, there's only one way to find out! I'll be casting on just as soon as I see Mr JK pulling away from the house, around 8 am tomorrow! Fingers crossed we're not snowed in! Let the great sock experiment begin!


snoopydog said...

Blimey! That will be a pair of socks in record time! I hope Mr J won't be complaining about hois feet being too warm!!! LOL! Love your little patterned stockings, very cute! Mine were much more basic. Looking forward to seeing you over the Christmas holiday period. XXX

melissa said...

hooray for snow!! your pictures are lovely!

Carrie said...

I don't know if you'll see this comment so far down (I can't believe how much you've updated your blog these last couple of weeks!). Where did you get the pattern for the little christmas stockings, or is it your own design? They're very cool! :)