Sunday, 16 May 2010

Getting ready for a week of insanity!

Good afternoon. Hope you're well. I have been savouring the peace and quiet for the last couple of days, and with good reason! Tomorrow I am taking my class away on a residential visit for the week. It's going to be action packed - canoeing, archery, pottery and orienteering to name but a few of the activities we'll be doing. But I've done the maths! Thirty one children shared between 4 dormitories equals not much sleep, at least for the first night! So I've packed some knitting. Nothing complicated, because I'm just going to need to knit to stay sane! I've chosen socks (what else?!) and here they are all ready for the off! I bought the yarn on a visit to Dublin, and it's been sat in my stash waiting for the perfect time! I've called them my Pink (In)sanity socks! I'll show you how far I've got next weekend.

pink (in)sanity socks WIP

I've finished all the crocheting of my stripy cotton bag. I decided to do two rows of double crochet to edge the bag and strap, and I also did Lucy at Attic24's Bobble-Shell edging along the front flap. I'm liking it a little more than last week (although it does make me think of a stripy hospital dressing gown!). Here's a close up of the strap. The colours remind me a little of sugared almonds. I always used to get a box from my Mum and Dad at Christmas!

summer crochet bag WIP 003

I love the Bobble-Shell edging - it gives a really pretty finish. Lucy explains it all so clearly over at Attic24.

crochet summer bag WIP 002

I even followed Lucy's instructions on how to crochet Granny squares together, to join the bag up. So simple when you know how! This is how the bag looks at the moment.

summer crochet cotton bag WIP 002

I've just bought a magnetic clasp fastener from eBay, and am thinking of using that, covered by a crochet flower. I can't make up my mind if it needs any more prettifying after that. What do you think?

summer crochet cotton bag WIP 003

I'm going to line it using the leftovers from my other crochet bag. There's probably a law somewhere that forbids you to put spots and stripes together, but never mind!

summer crochet cotton bag WIP 005

Well, I shall bid you farewell for the week. I need to go and pack the rest of my things - I'm not going to get very far with just my knitting bag! See you on Sunday, and have a good week!


Jenny said...

Oh I hope the week goes well, that it isn't as lacking in sleep as you anticipate and that you get plenty of knitting done, I really like that yarn. The bag looks great, pretty fresh colours and perfectly finished off. Now why don't you get some sleep while you still can.

snoopydog said...

Oh that little bag is looking so lovely. I think it will be perfect with just the pretty little crocheted flowers on the front. I love the sock yarn... gorgeous colour. Have a good week!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Perfect plan, packing the knitting to fill the long evening hours... by the second night they should be exhausted and sleep the night.
I think the flowers are a perfect finishing touch, maybe two or three more staggered around the one covering the magnetic clasp... in different sizes of course.
Have a great week.

Helsie said...

I LOVE your pretty bag and think it will be terrific for summer. It will go with everything. I think the flower is lovely and a magnetic clip will make fastening it your bag a breeze.
Good luck for the week. School camp as we call it in OZ is another thing I DON'T miss!!!

Maria said...

Your bag is lovely, such a pretty mix of colours
Good luck with the kids ☺

Permission to Unwind said...

Love the bag... I think it's perfect as/is. Have a great trip and we'll "see" you when you get back. :)

melissa said...

oh the bag looks fantastic - i love all the little touches you added.
i'm just catching up in my blog reading, so you're probably back already from your week with your students. i hope it all went well!