Thursday, 1 July 2010

What a scorcher!

Good evening to you! I meant to blog earlier in the week, but just got caught up with other things. Anyway, better late than never! We had a wonderful time in London. We managed to pick the hottest weekend of the year so far! Saturday was spent at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

London June 2010 002

Despite the heat, we ventured into the Palm House, and emerged, a little droopy and bedraggled! It felt cool coming out in the 30 degree heat!

London June 2010 017

There were swathes of brightly coloured flowers ........

London June 2010 051

........ heritage trees that have witnessed so much history ........

London June 2010 053

..... and some really intricate seed sculptures. I love these sycamore seeds, don't you?

London June 2010 062

We went for a treetop walk .......

London June 2010 074

....... and admired the massive lily pads in the waterlily house. This was my favourite part, and I could have stayed there all day!

London June 2010 102

It's a wonderful green space for the people of London. It never felt crowded, despite all the visitors. We chilled out in the shade of a tree, and whilst Mr JK had a mini-snoozle, I made good progress on my Jaywalker sock!

London June 2010 088

On Sunday, we headed back into London, stopping off at the National Portrait Gallery so that I could take a look at the Tudor portraits (my mind's already planning for next year's curriculum!) Trafalgar Square was buzzing with activity - people dipping their feet in the fountains trying to cool off ..........

London June 2010 117

...... and enjoying the refreshing spray from the fountains!

London June 2010 130

After lunch, we made our way to Hyde Park, and found a space to settle ourselves for the next 8 hours! It was Baking Hot, and there wasn't a scrap of shade anywhere! So we slapped on the suncream, donned our hats and drank gallons of water! There were people as far as you could see in every direction, listening to the various bands playing, watching England lose spectacularly in the World Cup, and relaxing in the sunshine.

London June 2010 156

Leading up to Paul McCartney were Elvis Costello, Crowded House and Crosby, Stills and Nash. I really enjoyed Crowded House, as they had a good rapport with the audience. It was great singing 'Weather with You' on such a sunny day! It was almost too hot to knit, but I did manage to finish sock number one and graft the toes whilst standing!

London June 2010 150

Finally the great man himself came on stage. Wow! What a concert it was! He played a good mix of Beatles songs, as well as Wings classics and some of his more recent material. Imagine 50,000 plus people all 'na-na-na-ing' along to Hey Jude, and it might give you a hint of the amazing atmosphere!

London June 2010 182

It was back to earth with a bump, and an early start to get back up to Norfolk for work on Monday morning! Fab-u-lous!


snoopydog said...

What a lovely weekend you had! The Royal Botanic Gardens look amazing. I would love to pay them a visit! Such a great concert to have been at. One of those visits that will stay 'inside you' forever!!! SOO impressed that you managed to graft a toe...... or even knit, standing up :) Have a good weekend XX

Maria said...

What a wonderful mix of music. Do love a bit of Crowded House, just might have to put the CD on now ☺

Northern Monkey said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend, glad to hear Crowded House were good as they are one of my favourite bands. I hope you have another good weekend even if it's not so exciting as a trip to London!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

The pictures of the waterlily house are great! I am jelous of the concert you have been to!
Have a nice weekend!

melissa said...

wow - what a fantastic trip to london!
i enjoyed all the beauty in the gardens, and oh my - what an amazing concert you got to attend!
rock on and enjoy the rest of your week!