Sunday, 10 October 2010

Getting all fruity!

Hello there! Hope you've had a good week. I've been knitting little hats in every odd moment, for The Big Knit 2010. This is the third year I've taken part. Every little behatted bottle of Innocent Smoothie sold in Sainsburys and Boots raises 25p for Age UK, and the bottles are on sale for only 3 weeks from November 3rd. You've probably already worked out the theme of this year's hats, from my last post. I think that I must have still had stripes on the brain after knitting all those striped baby garments this summer! So I dug out all my oddments of Baby Cashmerino and got stuck in! I managed to knit twenty little hats, and they are all packaged up, ready for posting tomorrow. Do you want to see how they turned out? Of course you do! Without further ado, I present to you the 2010 Baby Stripe Collection, modelled beautifully by the fruit gang!

First up, we have the banana boys ........

Innocent Smoothies 2010 005

Let me introduce you to the satsuma sisters!

Innocent Smoothies 2010 015

The kiwi cousins are next in the show.....

Innocent Smoothies 2010 012

The pear pals are next up!

Innocent Smoothies 2010 010

And we close this year's collection with the gang of golden plums!

Innocent Smoothies 2010 014

Here they are altogether to show off their little stripy hats!

Innocent Smoothies 2010 017

And that brings this year's show to a close! I'll be back very soon, assuming the men in white coats haven't carted me off! xxx


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I have one word - FANTASTIC!!!! :)

Kathy said...

So cute!
Love Kathy xxx

snoopydog said...

Oh my word! What a great collection. The 'big time' beckons for my old pal Josiekitten. I just adore your designs daaaarling! ;-) Hope you have a good week. Ros

Maria said...

I loved the post and the beanies are gorgeous - well done

Celeritas said...

The banana boys make me giggle!

Florrie said...

They're so sweet.....almost a shame to take them off.
florrie x

Northern Monkey said...

Hehe they are so comical on the fruit! Great work :)

Helsie said...

Very cute!

melissa said...

(and quite an impressive mass of teeny hats as well!)

Sara said...

That's absolutely brilliant! I love sticking googly eyes on everything. (Have you seen the CBBC show Ooglies?)