Thursday, 23 December 2010

2 sleeps 'til Santa

The good news! The sofas arrived, and the delivery men managed to get them into the house (I was a bit worried about that!!)

new sofas 004

We've gone for a three seater and a two seater. I'd have loved a corner suite, but we don't have a spare corner! Never mind!

new sofas 003

Our old cushions look rather tired against the plumpness of the new sofas. Aha! I thought! Knitted cushion covers! So I spent a goodly part of the day (also known as that most mysterious unit of time, the Ravelry hour!) searching for all sorts of woolly squishiness and comfort!

The bad news! I spent so long searching for patterns that I didn't get any knitting finished! I'm not panicking! (Well, not much anyway!) Now I'm off to go sit and knit on my new sofa! See you tomorrow! xx


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooohhh!!! What gorgeous sofas!! They're the same colour as mine! I think some knitted cushions would be lovely, or what about some quilted cushions?

I predict a cosy christmas in your house, lieing on the sofas with a TV blanket, watching black and white films. Aahhh...

Kathy said...

Lovely sofas! They look very comfy!We're going sofa shopping in the sales before VAT goes up!
Love Kathy xxx

Jenny said...

I agree, great sofas and just in time. Knitted cushions will be the bees knees. I made some cream cotton ones, one with clear glass beads. I love them though the latter is not so cosy for snuggling up more for effect, nothing wrong with that.

Northern Monkey said...

Oooooh those sofas are lovely. I like the idea of a corner suite but I think that two sofas is much more practical and flexible. They'll look great with some knitted cushions on them as well.

melissa said...

what lovely sofas!!

isn't that funny about ravelry? that happens to me more often than i'd like to admit!