Tuesday, 21 December 2010

4 sleeps 'til Santa

Hello there - thanks for stopping by in my snowy corner of the world. Mr JK and I were glued to the windows this morning watching the lunar eclipse. Luckily, there was no cloud, so we had a pretty good view. Did you manage to see it too?

Lunar eclipse December 2010

It's still looking rather wintery here today. Last night we went to the Christmas Spectacular at Thursford, and clocked a low of minus 10 Celsius on the way home. It's become a bit of a tradition for Mr JK and I to go and see the show. It's a really wonderful start to the Christmas festivities. It's very popular, and we always book our seats for the following December in January! If you don't, the chances are that you won't get a seat! We were in good company, as apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton were in the audience a couple of nights ago!

I have managed to finish one Christmas knit. I saw this pattern on the Yarn Harlot's blog a few days ago and fell in love with it. I decided to knit one for my friend Rachel, and I might make one for myself too in the New Year. Mine hasn't turned out as long as the Harlot's, but it's in a different yarn. It still makes a lovely snuggly cowl/hood.

Encompass 006

It's designed to be reversible, and is made up of four repeated pattern blocks. The pattern is called 'Encompass', and that sums it up perfectly!

Encompass stitch blocks

I really like the texture of the pattern blocks, don't you? I had to take this photo after I'd picked it up off the snow. Kind of fun!

Encompass 015

As Mr JK is at work, there was no-one around to take any modelled photos, so you'll just have to use your imagination when looking at these two. Firstly, as a cowl .......

Encompass 017

and secondly as a hood ......

Encompass 019

It should keep Rachel snug as a bug in a rug during the cold weather! I think it's the perfect 'football match watching' accessory too! Seeing as how Mr JK has booked for us to go and watch Norwich play on New Year's Day, I'd better see about making one for me sooner rather than later! I'm off to make some sausage rolls now. See you tomorrow! xxx


Jenny said...

I'm a big fan of cowls and that one is a beauty. Mr FF was asking me about them and snoods the other day as apparently they are quite popular with some footballers. He did say he doesn't want one but since my shopping isn't going so well he might just have to take what he's given.

Clicky Needles said...

Missed that eclipse. I think cowls are fab no ends in the way.

Clicky Needles said...

Oh just realised my pic show me wearing one!!!!!

melissa said...

i was too sleepy to stay up for the eclipse so i'm really glad you posted pictures!!

love the cowl - but i especially love the impression it left in the snow, very cool!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I saw the eclipse through the front door while I was toasting my bum on the hall radiator and eating my breakfast. Then I saw a bit more of it as I was trying to defrost the ice on the INSIDE of my car window. -9 degrees this morning. Grr..

I love the cowl, just the thing for car defrosting!!

Merry Christmas :)

Kathy said...

Love the cowl and the snow shot it great. A very Merry Christmas!