Sunday, 5 December 2010

In the bleak mid-winter .....

Advent week 2 (2)

Good evening! Hasn't the weather been awful? The novelty of snow has worn very thin, and we haven't even had it that bad here in Norfolk. It's rather embarrassing how the first snowfall of winter always seem to catch the country unprepared, so that everything grinds to a standstill. Our worst time was overnight on Thursday, and I had a rather interesting drive to work on Friday morning, trying to get up a hill with wheels spinning! I made it in the end though - just as well as my boss never shuts the school! This was what it looked like when I drew back the curtains.

December snowfall (7)

You can just about make out the blue lights twinkling away on our tree - it's celebrating its third Christmas this year! I love being able to see it from our kitchen window in the evenings!

The snow and ice have kept me indoors all weekend, and I've managed to get a bit of knitting done. I have another pair of socks just started for my friend Michele's Dad. He wears them as bed socks to keep his toes all toasty at night. I'm using a Regia yarn that I bought on a recent visit to Bremen.

Christmas stripes WIP (1)

I've also made a start on the Sheepish cardigan for Snoopydog's grandaughter, Sophie. I won the yarn kit from Yarn on the House a couple of months ago. So far I've done a little bit of colourwork, and learned how to do an applied I-cord bind off! Most of it is knitted in one piece, so seaming should be kept to a minimum! My colourwork is by no means perfect - I think that I should have carried the yarn across the back a little more loosely - but as the sheep motifs are only on the pockets, I don't suppose it matters too much!

Sheepish WIP (2)

Here's a closer look at one of the little sheep. You can see the applied I-cord edging on the pocket too, although it all needs tidying up!

Sheepish WIP (1)

I have a couple of Innocent Smoothie hats for you too - hat of the week for week 4, modelled by Belinda, is a stripy Rowan number, whilst Betty is wearing week 5's orange offering with a fun fur trim! They both wanted to wear that one!!

Hat of the week 4 and 5

I have a little Christmassy bargain that I must show you too! When Mr JK and I were out and about last weekend, I spotted a set of tins in Tesco. The dear little characters on them have been made out of felt, buttons and yarn, so I just had to have them!

xmas tins 007

Do you want a closer look? Silly question!! Here you are then .........

xmas tin

Aren't they just so sweet? I might even have to keep the tins in my craft room, and not put them up in the loft with all the Christmas things.

Apart from knitting, I've been baking this weekend. I tried out a new recipe of Sarah Raven's, for chocolate and mincemeat brownies. I thought they were rather delicious - really chocolatey and gooey, but Mr JK wasn't so keen. That's bad news for my waistline! Mr JK also excelled himself in the kitchen with a rather splendid cottage pie - perfect fare for such a wintery day. Don't you wish you had a fork so you could tuck in too! Keep warm! See you soon! xxx

Mr JK's cottage pie (2)


snoopydog said...

Good evening! Love the sock yarn. The Regia bought abroad always seems so much prettier than that sold in the UK! The little Sheepish cardi is soooo cute. Looks like you've done a pretty good job with the colour work. Hmm! Think we should have turned up at your house for supper! Love the tins too! Have a great week. xx

Northern Monkey said...

I had no choice but to soldier through the snow to work as well, it was hard work though and we had to walk home on Wednesday!

The sheepish cardi is gorgeous, so very cute!

The shepherds pie looks delicious, I'll have to show Mr NM and get him in the kitchen!

Kathy said...

Hi Josiekitten, Thanks so much for your wise words over on my blog. Only another teacher would understand how 'stressy' a messy classroom can be! This week I'm going to pretend I can't see it!!!
That little jacket is so cute! I'd like one myself! I've been admiring those tins too, but was wondering if it was worth buying them just for Christmas. I hadn't thought about using them for storing crafty things! I can guarentee there won't be any left when I go back now!
Have a great week, hope the Christmas activities in school don't get too mad!
Love Kathy xxx

Poison_kitty said...

I love the sheep! I'm a huge sheep fan (did you know you can get tiny ones as small as a small dog?) and I'm currently typing to you whilst wearing sheepy PJ's!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oh boy, that Cottage Pie looks DELICIOUS!! My tummy is grumbling!

I love the wee sheep. It took me a minute to work out that the i-cord is the top of the pockets. It's such neat knitting!

I'm tired of the snow too, and it's started snowing again here in NI. I was supposed to work to 6pm tonight, but my boss sent us home at 3.40pm.

Anonymous said...

The sheep look fabulous. Well done.

Jenny said...

The snow does look pretty for a while but the novelty quickly wears off. Hope you are not having to battle the elements too much. Great knitting, you do deserve those pretty tins.

melissa said...

what a gorgeous snow! sorry it was such a hassle to drive around in though.

love love love the sheepish cardigan! it's adorble!!!