Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

Hello there! Thanks for calling in! Did you have a good Christmas? We've had a very relaxing few days here in the josiekitten household. Mr JK has been off work for five days, and we've been enjoying not having to do anything at a particular time. That's not to say that we've been idle - far from it, but no pressures! That will all change tomorrow when Mr JK returns to work, and I have to be up early too, as I'm going to London! I'm meeting up with Erin, a Canadian Ravelry friend, who is spending Christmas over here in the UK. We are planning a trip to Loop amongst other things. I have been super-organised, and am going with a (small) shopping list, but am certain that I can be persuaded to buy more!! I'm sooooooooo weak-willed when it comes to yarn!
Was Santa good to you this year? I had some lovely presents. Mr JK gave me a beautiful Sunflower Swift, and I have been in total awe at the superb craftsmanship involved in its manufacture. I'm looking forward to winding some yarn and making some of those scrummy yarn cakes!

Christmas gifts 2010 003

I had a lovely present from Snoopydog too - a book of Crochet Borders (I already have another book by the same author and it's excellent!), and a skein of laceweight yarn from The Thylacine. It's really soft and in my favourite colour - purple!

Christmas gifts 2010 006

I must just show you my little 'gift' to myself! You know that when I buy something for Snoopydog, then I have to buy one for me too! When we were at KnitNation last summer, we were both smitten with Anne Hanson's collection of project bags. She very kindly gave me a card for Three Bags Full, and it seemed just perfect for a present for Snoops - a bag full of lovely yarny KnitNation memories.

Christmas gifts 2010 009

The most difficult part was choosing the fabric! The bags are all lined and have lovely details such as co-ordinating ribbon and beads. I chose a Russian doll print for mine, and Snoopydog got a floral one! They are just perfect for little sock projects.

more Christmas gifts 2010 003

I'm off to get my bag packed for tomorrow's trip to London. I'll be back on Thursday to tell you all about it! Bye for now! xx


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooohh! What great pressies! Isn't the swift fab, and doesn't it smell lovely?! I was winding some yarn from The Thylacine on mine yesterday.

Have a lovely day tomorrow, I shall look forward to seeing your purchases.

Northern Monkey said...

Have fun in London. I loved Loop when I went there, I was especially delighted to find that whilst I was in London me, one of the ladies working in the shop and another 2 customers all hailed for beautiful Yorkshire!! We had a good old giggle about it and about Yorkshire folk being drawn in by the wool fumes. They do sell some divine yarn there including Juno Fibre Arts laceweight and some Handmaiden which I was absolutely powerless to resist! I look forward to seeing your purchases.

Your swift looks fab, Santa didn't bring me one (because I didn't ask to be fair and he bought me other lovely things) so I shall have to put one on my birthday list.

Laura x

Kathy said...

Lovely presents ... I like those bags. You could use them for lots of things, not just knitting.
Have a great trip to London. Take lots of photographs!
Love Kathy xxx

Denise said...

Looks like you got some lovely gifts for Christmas, I love the swift and could really do with one myself but those shipping charges are huge! Happy New Year to you all.

melissa said...

hope you had fun in london!

your swift is gorgeous!!
love that book that snoops gave you - judging by it's cover it looks full of wonders!!