Monday, 11 April 2011

Woolly distractions

I've got lots of yarny goodness to share with you this afternoon, so I do hope you're sitting comfortably. Good - then I'll begin!

I've been busy spinning over the past two weeks, trying to do a little each day. It's very relaxing after a day at school! The first fibre I spun up was a Falkland fibre that I received in a swap with CathyA in Canada. The colourway is called Grape Crush, and it comes from Waterloo Wools. Because the fibre was painted randomly, I decided to spin it as one long single and then Navajo-ply it, to try to keep the colour changes together. I used this video to help me - she certainly makes it look effortlessly simple! I just love how the colours have worked out, and am really pleased with the finished yarn. I've got about 200 metres of dk yarn to play with!

Grape Crush handspun

The second lot of fibre I've just finished spinning is from The Thylacine. I love the colours Megan uses. This fibre is a mix of 70% BFL and 30% silk, and feels quite luxurious. I split the yarn lenghtways down the middle, and spun each half separately. I then plied them together to get 275 metres of fingering weight yarn. I think this is destined to become an Ishbel for a relative of Mr JK's, when we stay with her in Munich this summer.

Barilla Bay handspun

The first of my Cinder Block socks is well underway. I knit a good chunk of it on the train last Saturday. I'm using a yarn from Laughing Yaffle called Winter Berries. I thought it was going to be more solid than it's turning out to be - I like how it looks on the heel, but am not so keen on the stripes, but I might pass them onto Mr JK if I really don't fancy them when they're done.

Cinder Blocks WIP (2)

My Peasy is so close to completion! I really should have finished it today, but I got distracted! I have cast off, and all that's left to do now is the bands up the fronts and round the neck. I've been putting it off all day, as picking up stitches is not my most favourite part of knitting! Perhaps I'll get myself in gear this evening. The knitting that distracted me is this!

Chloe WIP 002

I'm knitting this short sleeved summer cardigan for a colleague's daughter, using some Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK and my own handspun!! It's knitted all in one, so the stripes on the body follow round onto the sleeves too. My yarn isn't quite the same thickness as the recommended yarn, but I've swatched and hope that all will turn out right in the end! It's quite exciting knitting up yarn that you've actually spun yourself!

It's confession time now. I know that I'm on a (self-imposed) yarn diet, but a squishy parcel arrived this morning!! I bought two skeins of yarn from Socktopus. Last Sunday, Alice had some yarn for sale in her shop. Mr JK and I were out, and I didn't think for one minute that there'd be any yarn left later in the day. So when I popped in to check, I was delighted to find several skeins of yarn just calling out to me. It was meant to be, I think! I ended up with a skein of Sokkusu-L in the shade Grapegeuse. It's a gorgeous deep purple colour, and I'm going to use it for my Spriteling. (Which reminds me, I need to get a move on and knit clue 1, as clue 2 will be released on Friday!)

new stash (3)

I also bought a skein of Sokkusu-X in the shade Robin's Egg Blue. This yarn is a mix of merino, cashmere and nylon, and I think it will become a pair of cosy socks for next winter. I just love the colour!

new stash (1)

I also received some fibre last week, from FeltStudioUK. I wanted a batt of yarn to use for some corespinning, and chose this one. The colours are so pretty, and it has sparkly bits in it too!

FeltStudioUK fibre and batts (10)

Along with that, there were a couple of braids of fibre, but I'll show you those once they're spun. Mr JK asked me how these purchases fitted into a yarn diet, so I pointed out that yarn is different from fibre!! Talking of fibre, Mr JK and I are heading up to the Lake District in June for Woolfest. It sounds wonderful, and was recommended to me by Vikki when I was on my spinning weekend. Mr JK is going to do 'man things' while I'm at Woolfest on the Saturday, and then we'll meander our way back to Norfolk on the Sunday. So, Woolfest and KnitNation within a month of each other! I'd better start saving up my pennies!

Right, that's me done for now. Snoopydog is coming up tomorrow, so there will be much drinking of tea, eating cake, chatting, knitting, yarn fondling and maybe even some spinning going on! Call back soon to see what we got up to! Bye for now. xx


Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Your handspun is beautiful!

pinkundine said...

I'm having lots of jealousy at all the gorgeous colours in that post - I love them all! I think the first 2 are my favourites, your handspun really looks great :)

Kathy said...

Brilliant colours again! You must have the patience of a saint... I would get all tied up in knots!
Have a lovely knit and a natter with Snoopydog .... isn't it great when bloggers meet up?
Enjoy your week!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Aaaaah, many beautiful wool things! I am looking foward to see the little cardigan for your collegue. Knitting with handspun yarn is always special!
I agree with you: Yarn is so much different from fibre! Just think about it. You first have to spin the fibre before it is a yarn. So fibre is rather hard work than yarn. ;-)
Enjoy your week!
Yours, Julia

Vanessa said...

I'm feeling very jealous of your yarn right now. I'm trying very hard not to buy roving and a "learn to spin" kit from knitpicks.

Anonymous said...

Your spinning is looking great :)

I'm hoping to be at Woolfest on the Saturday too, so hopefully I'll see you there!

Carrie said...

Oh, beautiful spinning! It's been so long since I did any spinning, I've been feeling quite inspired lately - I think you've just tipped me over the edge! That's the same video I used to learn navajo plying, she makes it look so effortless! I've probably forgotten it all by now!
Carrie xxxx

melissa said...

i love the triptychs showing the transformation from fiber to yarn - it's like three steps of magic!
and the colors.... swoon!

love the cardi you cast on for. it's going to be gorgeous!!