Sunday, 19 June 2011

At long last - some knitting!

Hello there! It seems like ages since I actually talked yarny-stuff with you! But the knitting needles in the josiekitten household haven't been laying idle - far from it! I have some finished knits for your delectation and delight!

Firstly, my Spriteling shawl. I can't say that hand on heart, I really enjoyed knitting this. I am still such a novice lace knitter that nothing came intuitively to me as I was knitting. If I made a mistake (and believe me, I made plenty!), I didn't spot it until my stitch count was out a couple of rows later! So there was much frogging and reknitting, frogging and reknitting .......... until eventually, it was finished! I do absolutely love the finished shawl though, and the experience hasn't put me off knitting more lace!

Spriteling 001

It's got a really pretty crocheted edge, which is unusual. Here's another photo to give you a better idea of the overall shape and pattern of the shawl.

Spriteling done! (5)

The yarn is Alice's own Sokkusu lightweight, and was wonderful to knit with. You can get a better idea of the subtle colour variations in this photo.

Spriteling done! (10)

I've also finished my Monkey Bread infinity scarf. After test knitting the narrow version earlier in the year, I knew that I wanted a wider, even snugglier version in purple for next winter. It'll be the perfect thing for cold playground duties! I used the mink and cashmere yarn from Great Northern Yarns, and it is just scrummy!

Monkey Bread Infinity version 016

The yarn is just so, so soft, and already has the cosiest bloom on it. I'm almost looking forward to colder weather, just so that I can wear it!!

Monkey Bread Infinity version 017

I finished a pair of plain vanilla socks for one of my university friends. We meet up once a year in the autumn, and they all asked me to knit them a pair of socks! So one pair down, three pairs to go! It's nice, easy car knitting, so I should be able to get them finished while we are driving round Germany this summer.

plain vanilla socks no 1 (1)

I've finished the first of my Tesserae socks, using the sparkly purple yarn I got in a swap from Julia. It's another lovely pattern from Anne Hanson. I find myself being drawn more and more to her designs these days, and not looking elsewhere.

Twinkletoes WIP (2)

I'm currently knitting a sample sock for my LYS using some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. I've chosen the pattern rpm from Knitty to try and show off the wonderful colour changes in the yarn. It feels quite thick and felted at the moment, but will hopefully soften up after a soak. I'll show you a picture next time. I've also got a couple of bits of test knitting in the pipeline, so once I get started, and am certain that I can share with you, I'll fill you in!

I've decided to join in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry this summer. I was originally going to join the Rookies team for newish spinners, but have jumped ship to spin along with Team Superfleece. They sound like a pretty relaxed group, so it should be a lot of fun. I'm not too sure what spinning goals I'm going to set for myself yet. I'd like to be able to spin 100g of fibre to give me decent yardage - maybe enough for a pair of handspun socks! Perfect! I've been doing a little spinning over the last two weeks. The fibre was 75% British Alpaca and 25% merino. It's a 2-ply yarn, hopefully enought for a little something!!

Broad Marsh yarn

I'm waiting for a parcel to arrive from the USA. My swap partner Kim and I decided to send each other another yarn-filled parcel. We should be getting them any day now!! I do love swaps! And the 2nd swap is now underway in the Fall in Full Color clubhouse, so I'm looking forward to getting to know my partner Melissa.

I have some even more exciting news to tell you too! Today we visited a cat sanctuary and picked out two young cats to come and live with us! They are both under a year old and will be coming to live chez josiekitten as soon as we are back from our holiday at the beginning of August! I can't wait to have little furry beings in the house again! Have a lovely week whatever you're doing, and I'll see you soon! xxx


Jenny said...

I like everything about that post. The shawl is wonderful, then the scarf is fantastic, socks brilliant as ever but the final news is best of all. I know you are going away so the babies won't arrive till August but I can hardly wait to see them, you must be bursting. Hope you will be visiting them or maybe that just make the waiting worse

snoopydog said...

Fantastic finished projects. I love your Spriteling. Well worth persevering with. The latest spun yarn is truly delicious!!!! XRos

Northern Monkey said...

Your Spriteling looks great even if the knitting wasn't much fun, I'm glad it hasn't put you off. So many people doing so many gorgeous lacy things at the moment...I'm itching to cast on some lace but I must resist and finish some WIPS!

Your spinning is getting better and better...not that I know anything about spinning but it all looks lovely and even, good luck with Tour De Fleece :)

I must knit an Anne Hanson pattern, I've never seen one I didn't like.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your Spriteling is gorgeous! Don't be so hard on yourself about the frogging! I'm not a lace expert, but I would definately say that it a tricky pattern for a first go. Since there are several different stitch patterns within it, it wouldn't be that easy to memorise.

I really love the Monkey Bread scarf, I've just had to "favourite" it! It looks so cosy.

Yey to the new kittens! Looking forward to photos. :)

Kathy said...

I'm always impressed when you and Ros finish things!!!
You're so disciplined about it all. I never get anything finished unless the deadline is upon me!
Exciting news about you new additions. how lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting through the shawl - it looks great! I love crochet cast-offs, I've done them on a couple of shawls and they finish them off perfectly.

Your spinning has come on so much - this one looks beautiful.

And how exciting about the new cats - I can't wait to see them and hear about their adventures :)

WildflowerWool said...

You have been busy. The shawl is beautiful. I love the purple. The socks and scarf look great too!

pinkundine said...

Wow, lots of beautiful things! The shape of that shawl is stunning, and I really have to get some of that special yarn!

Spinthrift said...

All beautiful as usual, and great news about the kittens. Also wanted to tell you that your last post but 2 has finally convinced me to book for KnitNation - I'm so excited so thank you for the nudge. :-)

Stadtwaldvogel said...

So many pretty things! Love all of them, especially the Spriteling and the Monkey Bread Scarf. The pattern for the glitter yarn socks is wonderful!
Have a great week! Julia

Vivianne said...

So much purple ! LOL That is such a pretty shawl, and I think the cowl looks amazing - just what you want for winter: have you a matching hat ? :-)

Kim said...

Oh Helen - such beautiful knitting! You've been a total knit queen lately! I love your Spriteling, and of course the monkeybread, and the plain socks are just gorgeous! All of it is just gorgeous! You are the FO queen this week!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing lineup of finished work.
spriteling is gorgeous, but oh my that scarf takes my breath away...