Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tour de Fleece - week 1

A very quick post this morning, because, would you believe it, I have to go into school for an all day planning meeting!! (I feel decidedly grumpy about it now, but won't when I have the holidays free!)

I've been busy spinning this week as I've joined the Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry. I'm in Team Superfleece, and am having a lot of fun. It's a laid back group, so there's no presssure on the spinning.


I started the week with some BFL fibre from Abstract Fiber. It was part of my amazing swap parcel from Kim. The colourway is ink, and it's a beautiful mix of deep purples. I ended up with about 300 metres of fingering weight yarn, so enough to knit a small shawl. I'm thinking about a beaded Les Abeilles.

Tour de Fleece days 1 and 2

Then I moved onto some fibre from SpinningAwesomeGood, a mix of BFL and Tussah silk. It really was incredibly soft and a delight to spin with. I was excited to see how it would come out when plied, it's always rather a magical moment to see what colour combinations emerge during the plying. I spun it into another fingering weight yarn, this time 310 metres. Not too sure quite what I'll knit with it - probably a scarf or shawl!

Fresh Cactus - Tour de Fleece 2011

The last fibre I've been spinning is 100% alpaca from Colourful Designs. It was quite hairy to spin. I split the fibre in half, and spun one half as it was. The second half I split into smaller lengths to increase the number of colour changes. You can see what I mean from this photo.

Tour de Fleece day 7 007

It's plied now, and I've got about 280 metres of fingering-ish yarn! I love the different colour combinations from the plying, don't you?

Tour de Fleece days 6, 7 and 8

I'm going to be working on three braids of Corriedale fibre this week, and I'm going to see if I can add a little more twist. I'll show you later in the week how it's going!

Finally, a couple more photos of the 'girls'. We went to see Florence and Elsie again yesterday. When we arrived, they were both snuggled up together.

Elsie and Florence - more bonding 013

Florence was an extremely purry, affectionate little cat this time, and I don't think she is going to have any problems settling down when she comes to live with us.

Florence - all relaxed and purring

Elsie was more relaxed with us this time, although still quite timid, but we did manage to get a teensy purr from her by the time we left.

Elsie - a teensy purr - eventually!

Mr JK is on cat visiting duties next weekend whilst I'm at Knit Nation with Snoopydog! You can expect a full report on all knitterly proceedings when we return! See you! xxx


Kathy said...

Work? At the weekend? I'd be grumpy too!
I'm sure you'll make up for it next weekend.
Your cats are going to be lovely!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Thank you for more photos of the kittens! They're gorgeous! My two were exactly the same when we got them. Valentine was fine, and settled straight away, but Luke was very shy and wouldn't let anybody near him. He settled within a few weeks though. This morning he got me out of bed at 8.30am by battering the bedroom door and yelling for his breakfast. Then he was rubbing around my legs in the kitchen, because in his wee head that helps to get his breakfast more quickly!

Jenny said...

Beautiful spinning, at least you'll have yarn when you come home from working Sunday, and no doubt even more after Knit Nation. So glad the girls are getting to know you, they just get more gorgeous and I'm so pleased they are friends, over the 40 years we had cats none of them really liked each other.

Lyn said...

Lovely Florence and Elsie, I am sure they will be fine.

Clicky Needles said...

Planning on a Sunday!!!! That's what inset days are for!
I'd be grumpy too.
Spinning looks fabby, and sooo tempting. I must resist.

Northern Monkey said...

Lovely spinning. Maybe some mittens or gloves from the fingering weight yarn as well?

Have fun at Knit Nation, can't wait to see what you bring back.

snoopydog said...

Lovely spinning! You're getting good, aren't you!!!!! Gorgeous photo of Florence and Elsie. Can't wait for next Friday! Ros x

pinkundine said...

I love the pictures of the fibre then the spinning... Beautiful work :)

Anonymous said...

your spinning is AMAZING!!!

and i'm just so happy you found such sweet lovely kitties to come home with you. i know all of you will be so happy when the time comes for them to move in.

Madeleine Sara said...

Cute pics of sheep. Love the wool. Glorious colours and those kitties. So cute! I have 2 cats Tarragon who is 13yrs and Borage who is 2yrs old:O)

Joansie said...

I was reading "Knitspots'" blog when I discovered your blog and love it. I'm a relatively new spinner also. Enjoy!