Tuesday, 9 August 2011

And there was some knitting too!

I had a profitable knitting time in Germany. We did a lot of autobahn driving to get from Hook van Holland and back via Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Delft. So I knew that I would need plenty of knitting to keep my mind off the speed that we were travelling. German autobahns generally have no speed limit, so it can be seriously scary. Mr JK was happy to drive, with me (and TomTom) acting as navigator. So I got a lot done! The faster he drove, the faster I knit!! Or at least that was how it seemed to me!

I finished a pair of Tesserae socks, knitted in sparkly purple yarn that I received from a dear Ravelry friend, Julia. The yarn is very, very pretty. Almost too pretty to be hidden away inside shoes. But luckily I have a little bit spare for my sock yarn blankie.

Twinkletoes Tesserae (5)

You can see the sparkly wool a little better in this photo. I've called them my Twinkletoes Tesserae socks!

Twinkletoes Tesserae (4)

I finished the second pair of socks for my University friends. We meet up once a year, and last year they all put in a request for a pair of socks! This pair is made using a Regia Design Line yarn. I have gone for easy care socks, as I'm not sure that they would be willing to handwash them!! But the yarn looks and feels great!

Plain Vanilla sock no (2)

I have until early November to make two more pairs. But I've actually made a start on pair number three, this time using a Trekking yarn. The pattern is my favourite plain sock pattern using the Violet Green sock generator. I've knit the first sock and am almost at the heel of the second.

Plain Vanilla sock no.3

I've also been knitting another Anne Hanson sock, this time Roger using the skein of Bugga! yarn sent to me by another dear friend Kim. It really is one of the most gorgeous, luxurious yarns I've knit with. My feet are really going to be pampered when I wear them! The colour way is called Fairy Wren, and is very soft.

Roger sock WIP

Finally, I finished the test knit I was doing for Anne Hanson - the Almost Ovals scarf. I used a skein of laceweight yarn from Fibre-Isle, Kami Bison. Unfortunately I don't think the company is still in business which is a real shame as the yarn was a delight to knit with. I did 16 repeats of the pattern (I knit until I was almost out of yarn!) and after blocking, it measured 60" long and 10" wide. It is feather-light, and is going to provide a lovely warm layer for chilly autumn days.

Almost Ovals (11)

I think that this pattern would look great in a chunkier weight yarn as well. I might have to make myself another version for winter. A girl can never have too many scarves!!

Almost Ovals (9)

So, that pretty much brings you up to date with my knitting. I have a squishy parcel to share with you, but I'll keep that for another time! A quick cat update for you. Elsie is getting braver by the day. She let me stroke her while she was sat on the chair today. Up 'til now, she's seen me approaching and hidden!! She and Florence have spent lots of time today cuddled up together. So sweet! See you soon! xxx


Kat Jorgensen said...

Wow, you have finished so much lately and they are all gorgeous. You inspire me to finish something - anything. Beautiful photos as always!

Your blog posts are so fun to read and I'm glad the kitties are settling in.

Northern Monkey said...

Lovely socks, what lucky university friends you have! Bugga always looks fantastic and that pattern is great. I love the Anne Hanson scarf too, just gorgeous.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

The socks are fantastic! I love the sparkly yarn, and the pattern on the last sock is great. The sock is BEAUTIFUL!! Glad to read Elsie is coming around a bit. :)

faith76 said...

I especially like the Twinkletoes Tesserae socks, the yarn looks lovely.

Leah x

Helsie said...

After seeing these I might just have to give this sock knitting a go. The only problem is I hardly ever have the need to wear socks in our climate. Perhaps the scarf? But I get too hot wearing them too!! I'll just have to come over there and stay for a while so I can do all this cold weather stuff.
Very inspiring!!
PS Your two new cats look live they are settling in nicely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josiekitten! Just wondering what the beautiful yarn is in the second "vanilla" sock pattern you posted it -- I LOVE the striping AND the colours!! If you happen to have the information could you let me know? Thanks! Kirsty

pinkundine said...

So many socks! I'm very jealous. I love your twinkletoes ones, I want sparkly socks!

snoopydog said...

Love the socks. The Bugga yarn looks fantastic. Love the sparkles too! Gorgeous! Ros

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I love your sparkly socks and your new shawl. A girl can never have enough shawls!!! It is always fun to read about your two cute cats. Have a good weekend! Yours, Julia

Jenny said...

Beautiful work. I was so scared on the three day drive to Italy that I barely touched my knitting and now it's far too hot to knit except a little in the evenings. PIty as I brought enough yarn to open a shop, now there's an idea. Hope the UK weather isn't too bad I hadn't realised before how conducive it is to knitting, there's an up side to everything.

Anonymous said...

wowza! you were an amazing sock-knitting machine on your trip!

and that scarf... stunning!