Sunday, 2 October 2011

Indian Summer

Hello there! Hope you have had a good week. We have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather here in England over the last few days - the hottest September and October days since records began!! Mr JK and I decided to make the most of it and headed off down to the coast of Suffolk, to visit Aldeburgh. It's one of our favourite beachy places to visit, although we don't go there very often as it takes over 2 hours from our little spot on the North Norfolk coast. Once we'd arrived, we made our way to the beach. People were already setting up for the day, claiming their territory. Blue sky and sunshine - perfect beach weather!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 012

There are always fishing boats on the beach, and today's catch is on sale from numerous little shacks along the promenade.
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 011

We wished that we'd remembered to take down a coolbag and some icepacks. Maybe next time!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 010

There was a constant stream of people buying fresh fish and shellfish. The lobsters were selling quickly!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 015

Before lunch there was just time for a few shots of my Longshadows scarf - I'll show some some more in the week. It really is gorgeous, but it was far too hot to be wearing it today!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 028

This was the queue at the fish and chip shop - and it hadn't even opened! It's really popular and is one of the best around!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 035

We always buy fish and chips for our lunch and then take them down to eat on the beach, whatever the weather! They are actually even more delicious on a cold February day with an icy wind blowing in off the sea!

Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 037

Do you want a look inside? Crispy battered cod and piping hot chips, with plenty of salt and vinegar!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 036

Oh the taste of those delicious, crispy, salty hot chips almost has me drooling here!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 039

The seagulls were keeping their beady eyes on us, but we weren't sharing our chips with anyone!!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 007

We did that most British of things and made ourselves chip butties!! It may not be Michelin-starred food, but it is yummy!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 040

After lunch we decided to make our way back up the coast, stopping off at Southwold. We passed a few fields with some beautiful purply blue flowers in them. It almost looked like the house had a lake in front of it. I think I've managed to identify the flower - Phacelia, grown either to encourage bees or as a green manure.
  Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 042

It seemed that many other people had had the same idea as us, and we were lucky to find a parking space. Southwold is famous for its beach huts, and people will happily pay £50,000 to own one!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 073

They look lovely on the whole, although some are definitely in need of a lick of paint. We found it quite amusing that they seemed to be supported by bricks at each corner! The thing that didn't appeal to us was the fact that they are right on the promenade, so people are constantly walking past and there's little privacy. Beach hut decor is obviously taken terribly seriously, and I rather naughtily snapped this as we were walking past. Well, I knew you'd want to take a look inside!! I think this one was being done up, as you can see lots of DIY equipment in the foreground.
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 051

The beach was packed with everyone making the most of the gorgeous weather. Plenty of people were swimming too - imagine that, swimming in the sea in England in October!!

Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 072

We walked down the length of the pier, stopping to admire the water clock.
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 058

It really is a bit of fun, 'performing' on the hour and half hour. The couple in the bath spurt water at each other from their mouths, the tulips spring up from the garden and the two boys drop their shorts and have a wee!!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 063

Of course, no trip to the seaside would be complete without an ice cream would it? I knew you'd be disappointed if you didn't see one, so I felt it my duty to force this one down!! It was a struggle, but I battled on bravely to the end!!
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 068

We walked back along the prom, admiring the view towards the pier. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, don't you?! Have a great week and I'll see you soon. xxx
Aldeburgh and Southwold 1st October 2011 071


Lyn said...

what a gorgeous day out, a proper British Seaside outing. I love those beach huts, it was like a tardis inside!
The fish and chips, well it would be very un-British not to!

Denise said...

Oh gosh, I feel like I just had a trip back home, now I'm craving a chip butte and an icecream :). Had to laugh at the queue for the fish and chip shop. Those be some good chips ;)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Mmmm... a fish supper and a poke! That's "Northern Ireland" for fish and chips and an ice cream. Hope your chips were well-done. My local chippy only suggest the chips to the oil. Very trying! Here in Belfast it's been cloudy and raining off and on all day. Yesterday it poured all day!

Knitting Nix said...

Wow it looks fantastic and I am so jealous as we got none of the warm weather here in Northern Ireland, but after seeing your lovely pictures I feel like I had a little piece of the Indian Summer.

snoopydog said...

Great day out. Aldeburgh is certainly our favourite local beachy place! Have a good week. Ros

Clicky Needles said...

Oh those Beach Huts!

Looks like a lovely day.

Northern Monkey said...

Oh my I'm drooling over those fish and chips, yum yum! Looks like a wonderful day out. I wish we'd been to the seaside at the weekend but alas we stayed a bit more local.

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Kim said...

Oh wow Helen!!!! Your beach is so interesting!!! The beach huts are an interesting concept. Do people spend the night in them? Are their bathrooms inside? And the fish and chips look fabuloso. And the water clock; my boys would LOVE that! Loved your Longshadows hanging out on the boat. . . . .very artsy shot young lady!

Helsie said...

Sounds like you had summer early ... and late this year with none in the middle!!

Mary Ann said...

The fish and chips look wonderful.....yummy...and the chip butty....and that ice cream...OMG.

Jo said...

You certainly made the most of the Indian summer. Those fish and chips are making my mouth water, if we weren't having a roast dinner I'd definitely be sending hubby to the chippy for me. I love those beach huts, they're so posh inside.

Anonymous said...

stunning, gorgeous pictures!
and now i want some fish and chips! yum!! :)