Sunday, 20 November 2011

Popping in briefly

Good evening! I have a few things to show you rather quickly today. Firstly Mr JK's Weihnachts socks - done and dusted and it's not even December yet! I'm feeling just a teensy bit smug!! It's my usual 'go-to' pattern from Violet Green for plain vanilla socks and always gives a good fit.
Mr JK's Weihnachts socks (2)
I also finally got round to plying up a single that I spun earlier in the year. It's been sat on my work desk looking at me rather reproachfully. This is what the spun single looked like.
Alchemy fibre Arts BFL single 002
I Navajo-plied it and the skein is still wound on the niddy noddy.
Alchemy fibre arts N-plied BFL (3)
There are some rather pretty colour changes in the yarn. I'm not quite sure about yardage yet, once I've soaked it to set the twist I'll show you some photos of the skein.
Alchemy fibre arts N-plied BFL (1)
I got a squishy parcel this week too - the November yarn from the Fall in Full Color club. It's a deep chocolatey brown with a hint of gold in it. I don't wear a lot of brown generally, but it is so rich that I might just have to give the pattern a go. I have a choice of two cowls to knit. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that the parcel also included two rather yummy chocolates. Sadly they didn't stay around long enough to be photographed!! Here's the yarn for you to drool over instead! Have a good week and I'll see you soon! xxx
FIFC November yarn 005


snoopydog said...

Love the socks! What a lucky Mr JK! I love the Knitspot yarn. Think I'm going to kbit the second one, the plainer of the two. Have a good week. Rosx

Kate said...

Hurrah for finished festive knits smugness. :-D

Lynne said...

The socks are fab, and the well deserved smugness makes them even better! Your spun is lovely, the colours are beautiful. Have you any plans for it? And the merino chocolate coloured yarn is great, it's chocolate, but without the calories!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous spinning!!
and wonderful socks!!


Marion said...

These are really lovely colours in that skein! What are you planning to knit with it?

Greetings from Sydney, Australia