Sunday, 18 December 2011

Getting that Festive Feeling!

4th Sunday lit (1)
Only a week left until the Big Day itself! It has been a completely mad week at school, with Christmas performances, carol singing, a church service and class parties! I made myself stay late after school on Friday to take down all the decorations and cards. I hate having to do it on the first day back! My knitting group were busy all Friday morning finishing off the decorations on their little trees. I am so pleased with how they turned out. They felt very proud of themselves.
Fourteen of them managed to complete the project. They found it harder than I'd thought they would when it came to remembering to knit 2 together to make the triangle shape. But with a little gentle persuasion, they all managed to take on a tree-like shape!
Now I need to think of a new project for the spring term. This term they have also knit squares which I have to sew together to make blankies for the local cat sanctuary. That's on my 'to do' list for the holidays.
Mr JK and I were busy in the kitchen today, making a double batch of crumpets for the Christmas holidays. They are really delicious toasted with some of our homemade raspberry jam. We use the Hairy Bikers recipe - it's dead easy to do. Once you've tasted homemade crumpets, you won't want to buy them again!
Christmas crumpets (3)
I have managed a little bit of Christmas gift knitting this weekend. I bought yarn last year to knit my friend Marijke a scarf, and never got round to it in time! This year I've managed to knit a cabled keyhole scarf from Knitspot. I made a few of these as presents last year. The pattern is dead easy and knits up so quickly. I hope she will like it!
cabled keyhole scarf (8)
I'm impatiently waiting for this month's club yarn to arrive. The pattern was released yesterday, and it's a really lovely keyhole scarf and mits set using the most yummy mink and cashmere yarn from Great Northern Yarns. I hope the yarn gets here tomorrow, or I might just have a big tantrum! Just in case it doesn't show up, I've got another of Anne Hanson's patterns lined up - Wussypillows! I have wanted to knit myself a beret for absolutely ages! I even have the yarn for it - Sea Pearl that I received in a swap from Kim earlier in the year. There's just one problem ..........
tangles (1)
........ the skein is hideously tangled up! It wouldn't wind on my ball winder whichever end I started from, so I decided to try and reskein it. Let's just say that the air was blue and I decided to leave it a while. I shall have another try later. I don't understand how a skein that at first glance looked ok could possibly end up in such a mess! If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, assume that I have become entangled with the yarn!! See you! xx


tinebeest said...

You know there is the "Knot a problem" group on Ravelry? Crazy people like me who like to untangle, and will do so for you for free (only p&p both ways to be paid, if you can't find one locally).
And Christmas at your place looks like a cosy affair!

Lynne said...

Good grief!! That skein is a total nightmare!! I hope you get it sorted out! :O

The little christmas trees are fab, and I love the neckwarmer.

Kathy said...

Enjoy your holiday .... time to relax after the madness! We don't finish till Tuesday ... I can't believe I have to go in again tomorrow. That tangle looks horrific! Good luck!

Northern Monkey said...

My goodness that tangle is scary, I hate detangling yarn with a passion!

The little Christmas trees are very cute :)

busybusybeejay said...

The trouble with tangled yarn is that one wrong moves just makes everything ten times worse.When it happens to me the air is blue and no one dare approach me!!
How about a food project for your knitting group.sandwiches and cakes are easy to make.There are free patterns by jean Greenhowe somewhere on the net.Just google it.Great grandchildren love playing with them and they can use their imagination to create exotic things!!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness those little trees are just too too cute!!
your students are amazing!!

goodluck with your tangly messy yarn. i hope it's not as bad as it looks...

Socktopus said...

love the crumpets! my mouth is watering!!!

And the christmas tree ornaments are lovely - what a great idea!