Monday, 26 December 2011

Thank you Santa!

Dear Santa,
I had a lovely day yesterday. Thank you for my presents.
I had a new table mat - all pink and girly!
Thank you Santa (2)
...... a bowl for my biscuits,
Thank you Santa (3)
....... a remote control mouse (I think my Dad likes this more than I do because it's a gadget!!)
Thank you Santa (1)
......  and a squeaky Santa toy which is actually lots of fun to play with!!
Thank you Santa (4)
But my bestest present came all the way from California from my Aunt Kim. It's a laser mouse and it is sooooooo much fun!! I just love to chase it around the house.
Thank you Aunt Kim, you're the best!!
Lots of love and purrs,
Your niece Flo xxx


Lynne said...

Oh Florence!! You're so lovely! Mr BB and I love your video. I hope you continue to enjoy your laser, and don't bash into the furniture!! :)

Kim said...

Ha!!! I love it!!! Flo really knows how to work a red beam, doesn't she!!! Love you niece Flo!

Anonymous said...

happy christmas to you florence!
and to your mom and dad as well!!

Kat Jorgensen said...

Sounds like Miss Flo had a great Christmas. Auntie Kim is really great at picking a catlicious present. And mom and dad didn't do too bad either : )

Happy holidays, Flo, and Mr & Mrs JK.

Socktopus said...

Fabulous! I love the laser mouse - Flo definitely looks like she is enjoying herself.

Have a fabulous new year!!