Sunday, 11 December 2011

Time flies!

John Rutter Christmas concert 041
Oh my goodness! I can't believe that I have missed a whole week! Last time you popped by, there was only one candle lit on the Advent stand. And take a look at it now! Yes, there are three candles lit! I have been so busy with Christmassy things at school plus singing in a couple of carol concerts, as well as going away, that time just seems to have flown by. I can't believe that in 2 weeks time, it will be Christmas Day! Luckily I was able to take a little breather today when Mr JK and I sat down to enjoy a slice of birthday cake and a cup of tea. Yesterday it was my birthday, and there was some cake leftover from my birthday offerings at school, so I brought it home. And it did taste deeeeelicious! The tea is in a new birthday mug. The light doesn't show it off terribly well, but it's a Le Creuset mug in graduating shades of purple! It is a perfect mug for tea - keeps it piping hot. I can't bare warm tea - ugh!!
Anyway, back to what else I have been up to! Last weekend Mr JK and I went to Liverpool. We went mainly to see a concert at the Philharmonic Hall performed by John Wilson and his orchestra. It was his 'Hooray for Hollywood' film music, and it was just perfection. I think that his Prom concert of the same music is going to be on the TV over Christmas. Do try to see it if you can, it's a real musical treat. We started the day at the Albert Dock, dodging the rather unpredictable rain showers.
Liverpool Dec 2011 011
We visited the Beatles Story and the Tate gallery. There was an exhibition of sculpture there. Some of the exhibits were quite frankly just plain weird. I really liked a mirrored cube. It had some circular holes cut in some of the faces which you could look through. Inside it was just an infinite number of reflections! I took a photo of myself looking in, just so you can get the idea. Someone else was looking through another of the holes at the same time as me!
Liverpool Dec 2011 041
We also visited Liverpool Cathedral. The cathedral choir was rehearsing for a Christmas concert that evening, so we sat down and enjoyed some rather beautiful singing. There is a rather lovely window which was being painted by an artist.
Liverpool Dec 2011 027
It was a lovely way to pass the time on a rather dreary afternoon. Music is a great spirit-raiser!
Liverpool Dec 2011 029
There is a large Chinese district in Liverpool. The entrance to that part of the city is marked by a very impressive gate. The street names are written both in English and in Chinese.
Liverpool Dec 2011 035
Yesterday, Mt JK and I were gadding about once again. This time we went to London for the day to go to the John Rutter Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall. We are both huge fans of Rutter's choral music, and especially love his carols. The Albert Hall is a magnificent building, both outside ....
John Rutter Christmas concert 011
.... and inside.
.John Rutter Christmas concert 022
It was a wonderful concert. The musicians of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra got into the spirit of the event and appeared in the second half sporting Santa hats, reindeer antlers or tinsel! Such fun!
John Rutter Christmas concert 033
Today I have been playing catch up! Florence was keen to help me unwrap my birthday presents (I didn't get time yesterday!) Actually, she was more interested in the bag that one of the gifts came in!
John Rutter Christmas concert 038
I did get some lovely gifts, but I haven't yet managed to take photos of them, so I will leave sharing them with you until next time. I have almost finished my second Fishbone Gansey sock in my travels, so will finally have something knitting-related to show you too! See you soon! xxx


Kathy said...

Happy birthday to you!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed my home town! I was down at the Albert Dock yesterday ... the art in the Tate is always weird! Great fun! I haven't been to the Phil for ages.

Have a good week, not long to go now!

snoopydog said...

Was lovely to see you on Friday and catch up! So glad you've had alovely bit=rthday weekend. See you again soon. Enjoy the last week! Rosx

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I have never been to the Tate Gallery in Liverpool even though I have visited family in Liverpool a few times. My husband's great grandfather was a stone mason on the Anglican Catherdral. He worked there from about 1913 until his death in 1937. It is a wonderful building. The last time I was there the choir was rehearsing too and it was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos - that mirror cube is really cool!
and the orchestra hall is stunning too.
i bet is was an amazing concert.

happy birthday to you a couple days late!!

Northern Monkey said...

I hope you enjoyed your time in Liverpool, I'll be spending Christmas at the Albert Dock as my in-laws live there!

I can't believe how close we are to Christmas either.

Heldasland said...

wonderful photos,especially the first one with tea and cakes