Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bag addiction

I thought I'd share with you today one of my favourite knitting accessories - the humble project bag. While you're reading this post, I'd like you to keep in mind the fact that I don't own a plethora of handbags. In fact I only have two! So perhaps that allows me the luxury of accumulating a small collection of beautiful, handmade bags to keep all my knitting projects in. My first serious case of 'bag envy' occurred in the summer of 2010, when my dear knitting pal Snoopydog and I were at Knit Nation. We'd taken a class with Anne Hanson, and both of us admired the project bag she had sitting on the desk beside her. Here, take a look. I bet you'd like a bag like that, wouldn't you?!
KnitNation 2010 034
I asked Anne where the bag came from, and she very kindly gave me the seller's card. And that, dear reader, was the start of it all! The bags are made by Michele and can be found at her Etsy shop, ThreeBagsFull. I bought Snoops a bag for Christmas to start her off the slippery slope of bag acquisition, and since then, I have either bought or been given several of my own. Here they all are.
Bag Lady (3)
My first bag was the little Russian doll one, on the left. I bought that at the same time as the one for Snoopydog. We seem to have this thing going - 'one for Snoops, one for me!' Later in the year, Michele made me the large pink sweater bag, and the yellow kitty bag on the right. The floral bag in the centre was a lovely gift from another knitting friend Kat. The bags either side of this one were Christmas bags - the one on the left I 'gave' to myself when I bought Snoops' Christmas gift bag, and she did the same with the owl one!!! Great minds and all that!! Now I betcha want to know what's inside them all, don't you?!
The sweater bag has my Rene sweater in it. I've done some knitting on the first sleeve this week, as you can see from the picture. My goal is to have this sweater done by April, when we are spending a week in the Lake District.
Bag Lady (1)

The Russian doll bag contains my 10 stitch blanket. I haven't knit this for ages, but seeing it again has reminded me that I ought to pick it up. It's a very simple pattern and I have loads of odd balls of Silk Garden.
Bag Lady (4)
The little floral bag (perhaps my favourite of all the fabrics, but I keep changing my mind!) contains my current sock project - the Roger sock pattern using some Old Maiden Aunt yarn. They're a present for a friend, but I think I'm going to find it hard to part with them, as the yarn is gorgeous!
Bag Lady (6)
The Pansy bag in the middle is currently home to the leftover yarn from Mr JK's football hat and scarf. I bought way more yarn than I needed, so am going to use the rest to knit myself a 3 colour linen stitch scarf to wear when I go to football.
Bag Lady (5)
My owl bag is home to some gorgeous Sea Pearl yarn. I'm planning on knitting this shawl to wear at a Spring wedding. It goes perfectly with what I am planning to wear, so I hope that I get it done in time.
Bag Lady (8)
Finally, my little cat bag contains yarn that I've bought to knit an Almost Ovals scarf as a present for my boss, who is retiring at Easter. If I don't make that deadline, then I've got another bite at the cherry, as she will be 60 in September! The yarn is Fyberspates Scrumptious laceweight, and should do the job beautifully!
Bag Lady (7)
Why don't you take a look in Michele's shop and see if there's a bag that catches your eye?! Someone please put me out of my agony and buy this one before I do!!! Have a great week! xxx


Kate said...

That link is evil! I am very very in love with this one now, but my sensible head tells me I couldn't afford the yarn for the sweater to go in it if I bought the bag. ;-)

Inthesky said...

Serious bag envy going on here! I can't resist! :) x

Saphy said...

mmmm what a lovely lot of projects as well as the bags they are sitting in.

Lynne said...

Oh, it's a slippery slope to bag addiction!! That sock pattern is rather lovely, and I would have a hard job parting with them too.

snoopydog said...

Ha ha! Love it! I think we're pretty much neck and neck in the bag stakes. Have a good week. Ros x

Denise said...

I have just discovered 'Knittings My Bag' on Etsy after watching Knitabulls podcast but all her bags go as quickly as she lists them! I hope to get one soon though. I could sew some simple ones myself, but the ones others make look so much nicer :)

Helsie said...

Lovely bags to keep your projects in. What a great idea.
Love the scarf for the Spring wedding.

Erin_in_Boston said...

Oh how much do I love that she lives in Maine?!!!! I grew up there and love supporting homegrown work!
I also love how industrious you are having all of those beautiful project bags filled with a WIP! Maybe you can have too many things OTN at one time, but maybe not... :)
Thanks for such an inspiring post! I may copy your idea to blog about how I store my current WIPs... thanks!

Kat Jorgensen said...

I must admit to my own bag addiction. I love to own them, love to gift them and Michele at 3BF is my favorite bag designer. I may need more bags to get organized.

Your Rene is beautiful : ) And your Japanese stole will be equally gorgeous.

Jenny said...

Oh my what desirable bags and how organised you are. I bought a rather nice silk clutch bag that I keep my sock knitting in but I could do with something a bit bigger, going back to the website for another look/drool.

Denise said...

My yarn and sweets arrived today, thank you so much Josie, and omg Minstrels! I haven't had those in years, they are delicious, can't stop eating them ;)

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Your bag collection is amazing, Helen! I can't say which one is the prettiest.
You are going to see the Lake District? I have been there in September and I think it is the prettiest landscape I have ever seen (so far). Have a good time!
Looking forward to your next post! Yours, Julia