Sunday, 26 February 2012


We've had some unseasonably warm weather this week, with the temperature getting up as high as 17 degrees Celsius! Crazy times! Yesterday morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining, so Mr JK and I headed out along the North Norfolk coast to one of our favourite beaches, Holkham. If you've ever seen the film 'Shakespeare in Love', it's Holkham beach that Gwyneth Paltrow is walking along at the end of the film.
To get to the beach, you have to walk through the pinewoods.
Holkham Feb 2012 001
This is the sight that greets you once you are through the woods. Isn't it beautiful?
Holkham Feb 2012 004
A steady stream of people - families with young children, dog walkers and 'twitchers' make their way across the sand towards the water's edge. The beach is backed by dunes which provide useful shelter on windy days.
Holkham Feb 2012 009
Just look at the lovely patterns made by the sea.
Holkham Feb 2012 008
Because the beach is so huge, you get a sense of freedom - and the glorious big Norfolk skies! 
Holkham Feb 2012 010
You begin to wonder if you will ever reach the seashore .......
Holkham Feb 2012 014
The wind blows the sand across the surface of the beach in a ghostly cloud ......
Holkham Feb 2012 016
.....until at last you arrive at the water's edge.
Holkham Feb 2012 025
Snuggled up in handknits, there's no way the cold can get in!!
Holkham Feb 2012 031
Looking back from where you started, you wonder how long it will take you to get back to the car .....
Holkham Feb 2012 034
....and get to the pub, where a hearty, warming lunch awaits you!
Holkham Feb 2012 035
(Country beef pies, just in case you were wondering!! Mighty tasty they were too!)
I have found time to knit and spin too! I have fallen in love with some fibre. I recently joined Picperfic's fibre club, and received my first parcel of fibre a couple of weeks ago. The fibre is a beautifully blended mixture of 75% superwash merino and 25% seacell, and feels incredibly soft and silky. Marianne calls this mix of fibres 'Coast', and the club colourway is 'Cromer'.
Coast - Cromer 001
It was an absolute delight to spin, as it drafted so easily. I split the fibre down the middle and spun each half, to get two (hopefully identical) colour repeats through the yarn.
Coast - Cromer 014
I Navajo-plied the yarn to try to keep all the beautiful soft colours together, and ended up with a skein of a heavyish fingering weight yarn, around 270 metres. There ought to be enough to make a shawlette with it. (Sorry Flo, there's NOT enough for a blankie, despite all your efforts!!)
Coast 'Cromer' handspun 003
I loved spinning this fibre so much that when I saw some more in Marianne's shop, I snaffled it pretty quickly. On the left is the colourway 'midnight', with 'greenious' on the right. Mmmmmmm!
Coast Fluff'n'Stuff 003
I have lots more to share with you, but I think that it will have to wait for another day! Pop back soon to see what's currently on the needles. In the meantime, have a good week! xxx


Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect day and the fibre colours are gorgeous!

Kathy said...

That's a lovely beach. I've never been to Norfolk. It's on my list!
Have a good week!

Bizzy B said...

Beautiful photos. I enjoy your excursions vicariously thru your pictures.

Lynne said...

Good grief! We didn't have that temperature in Belfast, I'm jealous!! The spun yarn is gorgeous!

Jenny said...

A good walk, a good meal and a good spin, I'd take any one of those and be content. I had a look at Picperfic's website, not surprised you wanted more. I'm very tempted by the ready spun laceweight with silk and cashmere, delicious. Have a good week with plenty of needle time.

snoopydog said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your spinning. It has to be the prettiest EVER! Have a good week. Rosx

Shannon said...

That lunch is making me hungry right now. Looks perfect for a day on the beach :-)

Kathy said...

We likewise had temps as high as 17 and went for a hike - I ended up with a sunburn when we were out too long! Love the soft color of that fiber. I'm sure Flo will accept a blue/green handspun blanket....

mandycharlie said...

That looks lovely, where was the pub?

Kat Jorgensen said...

Helen, I love the beach shots. So pretty. It makes me long for a trip to the water.

Your spinning is sublime! Love the fiber and how you plied it.

picperfic said...

Such a wonderful post, I love your photos of the beach, I think I need to take my camera there! Barry will be pleased to go somewhere so did my fibre proud, thank you so much. Very happy to have you as a Luxury Fibre Club member ~ Marianne