Friday, 17 February 2012

The joy of socks!

I've been going sock crazy here recently! I just finished a pair of Roger socks, knit in an Old Maiden Aunt yarn that I bought last summer at Knit Nation. I've already knit this pattern before, and loved it, so when I was looking to knit a pair of socks as a present, I didn't have far to look!  Florence was inspecting them this morning - I think she approves!
Royal Roger socks (3)
The second pair of socks is hot off the needles. I finished them yesterday while I was at my dear friend Snoopydog's house. We met up for a natter and while we were chatting, we managed to munch our way through some sheepy gingerbread biscuits.
Sheepy munchies (2)
Snoopydog was under strict instructions not to talk to me while I was grafting the toe, and after lunch we had a mini photoshoot in her garden. You can just see Oscar sneaking into the corner of the photo!
Basketweave socks 010
I know that lots of you are also visitors at Snoopydog's blog, so here's a picture of Oscar, just for you! He was very calm and well behaved yesterday, which was great news for me, as I'm not really a dog person!
Oscar (8)
See you very soon! xxx


Vanessa said...

Lovely socks! I love them.

Shannon said...

Gorgeous socks. The color on the second pair is really neat! Those cookies look so cute it'd be difficult for me to bite into it (well, maybe not that hard, I love gingerbread)

Helsie said...

Love all the socks the two of you make. It is not something that is done here. Guess it's the weather.

PS Blogger has changed the word verification and what was a simple spam filter has become a very difficult nuisance. You may find less comments because of it.
I've now had three goes.

snoopydog said...

Ha ha! Was great to catch up. Lovely socks! Enjoy the footie this afternoon. XX

Jenny said...

I wish I lived a bit closer, obviously I'd bring my own biscuits.

busybusybeejay said...

Great socks .I must look up the pattern.I'm another sock addict!

Lynne said...

What brilliant socks! I take it Florence is "Quality Control". :)