Sunday, 20 May 2012

Animal Antics

There have been some animal sightings in the josiekitten garden this week! Firstly, a rather rotund blue owl flew in. He didn't stay long  - he then flew on to school to become our new mascot!

Mr Hoot (3)

Of course, he wanted to meet Florence before he left. She wasn't overly impressed - I don't think she could give a hoot!!

Mr Hoot (1)

Secondly, a squirrel has discovered that we have a bird feeder, and with no trouble whatsoever, he nipped up the pole to survey things from his new vantage point.

squirrel antics (11)

It wasn't long before he started on the bird seed. I am amazed at the agility of these creatures.

squirrel antics (13)

I think he intends to come back until he's completely depleted the bird seed. Poor birds, we'll have to see what we can do to make their feeders more squirrel proof, as they're not getting a look-in at the moment!

squirrel antics (15)

Back to the knitting, I have finished another plain vanilla pair of socks for my friend Zena, so I'll be posting them off to her this week. I do hope she likes them. The yarn is machine washable, so perfect for new converts to handknit socks!

plain vanilla socks no7 (2)

The crochet ripple blanket is growing too. I think that I shall do a single crochet border around the edge in three different colours from the blanket, and finish it off with a picot edge if I can find out how to do it! I've seen a couple of very pretty ones on Ravelry with that sort of edging. You won't be surprised to hear that Florence continues to monitor its progress!

ripple blankie WIP (1)

We are off to London next weekend as Mr JK is running in the Bupa London 10km race. The course follows part of the London Olympic marathon route which is quite exciting. I'm hoping it will be dry so that I can find somewhere to sit and knit! See you soon! xxx


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous owl. Your ripple is really growing quickly. Good luck to your hubby!

Kathy said...

Love the owl ... he looks very wise!
We have cheeky squirrels too, so reluctantly, I've given up with the bird food, as I was just fattening up the squirrels. Their favourite snack? Fatballs complete with metal hanging hooks!
Have a good week .... it's nearly half term!

Lynne said...

The owl is brilliant! Maybe Florence thought he was taking her place. That squirrel is very cheeky, hope you can squirrel-proof the bird feeder.

I love the socks and your blanket looks great. Looks like Florence is Quality Control!

sapphireblue said...

That owl is very cute! I love the squirrel acrobatics.

Shannon said...

What a great mascot - I love it! I really love that design!

snoopydog said...

The owl has turned out really well!!! Great colour choices to make him look so good. Your ripple is looking rather good too. Hello Flo! Hope you are being good. Ros

busybusybeejay said...

The owl is lovely.I have a huge collection of them but none like that.Have a look on my blog to see what my cat has been up to!

June said...

Love the owl. Just came onto your blog via busybusybeejay. Squirrels are ever so acrobatic - poor birds don't stand a chance!
Love your cat too.

Helsie said...

wow your ripple looks terrific. I'm still stuck on giant granny style blankets. When I tried doing something along a foundation chain it turned into a triangle instead of a square so I haven't attempted it again. I should stop being a whimp and give it another go, those ripples look so nice.

Anonymous said...

oh your ripple, or excuse me, *flo's* ripple is coming along so nicely!

i love your squirrelly visitor!! they're my favorite animal.

(ps - seems like i'm able to leave proper comments again - yay!)