Monday, 9 July 2012

Tour de Fleece - Day 10

Well, I went stash diving and I surprised myself with what I chose - I thought that I'd go for something totally bright and colourful after all that natural coloured fibre. Instead, I went for some rather lovely fibre from Sweet Georgia yarns. It's a mix of superwash merino, bamboo rayon and nylon called Panda. (I have that 'sock thing' calling out to me again!!) The colour is a semi-solid pinkish, reddish colourway called Pomegranate and is a really lovely mix of shades.

Tour de Fleece 2012 day 10 003

I have two 50g braids courtesy of my Canadian Ravelry friend,Cathy. We have been swapping yarn and fibre for several years now. She always manages to find me something lovely! The idea is to spin each braid up on a separate bobbin and then ply them together. I'm aiming for quite a high level of twist, just in case I have enough yardage for socks. Ever hopeful!! Here's how it's looking on the bobbin so far.

Tour de Fleece 2012 day 10 001

Tomorrow is a rest day in the Tour de Fleece, but I'll still be blogging as I have some knitting to show you. xxx


Lynne said...

That looks lovely, the colours are gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my, that fiber is gorgeous!
and it's spinning up so lovely - i too hope you can cross the sock yardage line!!