Sunday, 11 November 2012


Miaow everyone! Florence here. Mum's too busy to talk to you at the moment, so I thought that I had better come and report some rather strange goings on in the Josiekitten household. Firstly though, I am sure that you are all wondering where I spent the week whilst my Mum and Dad were away on Skye. I went to stay in a new cat hotel, run by a lovely lady who I call Auntie Gloria. She was very kind to me and made a fuss of me, so I was happy to make friends with her. I am sure that I will see her again, she was lovely.
Anyhow, back to the strange goings on ........... Mum and Dad are busy packing things up into boxes. I'm not too sure what's happening, but I am trying to help as best I can, and am inspecting the boxes. They have even built me a little box mountain - it makes it much easier to see what's on top of the book shelves! (Only dust, tsk tsk Mum!)

mountaineer Flo (2)
Those shelves are quite good as little perching places, so I can watch what's going on too. I'll keep you posted when I know more!
mountaineer Flo (4)

Well all that climbing has worn me out, so I'm off for a snooze in front of the fire. You might notice my new sheepskin fleece in my basket. It's really cosy. Bye for now! Miaow miaow miaow! xxx
fireside Flo 001


Petersson13 said...

Oh moving! Hard work. Ut exciting! Are you going far?

snoopydog said...

Oh Flo, you are just soooooo cute! Hope you're helping Mum and Dad! Rosxx

Lynne said...

Florence, you are so lovely, but you scared the life out of me in that first photo!! I take it you're helping out in a supervisory capacity? Every site needs a foreman, or should that be forecat!! ;)

Lyn said...

Oh all those lovely boxes, my Lucy loves boxes x

Anonymous said...

well it looks like quite a bit is going on in the jk household! thank goodness flo is there to keep an eye on things.

having just gone through a move myself i send you lots of empathy... it's a lot of work, but so worth it in the end! take care of yourself, don't work *too* hard!