Thursday, 13 December 2012

Faux cashmere

What feels like a whole lifetime ago, Marianne from Fluff and Stuff sent me a 'new to her' braid of fibre to try out - faux cashmere! It sounded interesting; I admit quite openly that I am a yarn snob, and love the softness of cashmere. I wondered how something made from nylon could compete. I needn't have worried though, as it is simply delicious!

faux cashmere

The fibre is a mix of 50% faux cashmere and 50% bamboo which gives a lovely drape to the yarn. Take a look at the lovely colours - Marianne is a dyer with a magical touch!
Fluff'n'stuff faux cashmere 004

Fluff'n'stuff faux cashmere 001

Fluff'n'stuff faux cashmere 002

I split the fibre into finger width strips and spun from them. It made it easier to control, otherwise it can be a little slippy.
Fluff'n'stuff faux cashmere 012

Then I started to spin......

Fluff'n'stuff faux cashmere 006

...and spin, until before I knew it, my bobbin was full!!

Fluff-n-stuff faux cashmere 001

I N-plied the single and ended up with almost 200 metres of slightly thicker than DK weight yarn.

Fluff-n-stuff faux cashmere 006

The yarn is still waiting to be knitted up I'm ashamed to say. It will make something lovely and drapy for my neck, when I get a spare hour or two! If you'd like to try your hand at spinning this fibre, Marianne has some in her shop now. She has just done a mega-update and there is lots of gorgeous fluff just looking for a new home in time for Christmas. Marianne has a special offer on too, so why not pop over and treat yourself and your spinning friends! xxx


Linda Gilbert said...

Just stunning x

busybusybeejay said...

Wow!Aren't you clever.Gorgeous colours.

WildflowerWool said...


Anonymous said...

thank you're a star! Your yarn looks stunning!

snoopydog said...

So pretty! xx

Lynne said...

This is gorgeous, the colours are beautiful. It will be interesting to read what you think of knitting with and it, and wearing it.

Madmum said...

Wow, that looks like lovely stuff, and such fabulously even spinning too,

Anonymous said...

gorgeous fiber which spun up into even more gorgeous yarn!!

i think once you knit it up it is going to be off the gorgeous scale completely!!