Sunday, 3 March 2013

And finally, some knitting

Can you believe it, two posts in a weekend?! I'm avoiding doing some work for school!! It will have to be done at some point today, but I don't feel like doing it right now! I told you yesterday that I actually had some knitting to share with you. First of all, a simple shawl knitted in some of my own handspun. This was a present for a friend. It seems ages since I knit it, you can see snow on the ground in the photos. It was the last thing I made before we moved. The patterns is a very simple one from knitspot called Les Abeilles. I like it because it starts at the hem and gets smaller. The lace pattern is easy to memorise too.
handspun huggable Les Abeilles 005

handspun huggable Les Abeilles 003

This pair of plain vanilla socks has been on the needles since the end of last year. They are for one of my University friends and have been knit using a Zauberball. One of them is quite tweedy while the other one is quite plain. I hope she likes them!
Plain vanilla socks no14 (2)

We went for a look around our local farmers' market yesterday. There was a queue at the bread stall, and talking to someone else who was waiting, it sounds like it's very popular and often sells out quite quickly. We bought a red onion marmalade loaf and a cheese and onion bread, as well as a Norfolk apple bun for elevenses! The cheesy loaf was absolutely delicious. We saved some and froze it for another weekend.
farmers' market booty (2)

I have been busy in the kitchen this weekend too. Yesterday I baked a ginger cake. The whole house was filled with that wonderful baking aroma. Mmmmmmmmmm. The cake has been sliced and frozen. We don't eat a lot of cake, but it's nice to have some handy when you fancy a slice.
ginger cake

I also made a recipe from the Hairy Dieters cookbook for lunch today (just to counteract the effect of the cake, don't you know!) It was called Spanish-style Chicken Bake and it was really delicious. You would never have thought you were eating something healthy. It has peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, chicken and chorizo with some herbs and spices. I know we will be making this again.
mmmmmmm lunch! 001

And because it's the weekend, I also made a good old fashioned rice pudding. I love the top when it's all brown. Grab a spoon and help yourself!

mmmmmmm lunch! 003

Florence is not a happy girl today because 'Operation Cat Collar' has begun. She is going around the house with a look of abject misery on her face. Little does she know that the collar is her key to freedom. She will get used to wearing it in a few days I expect.
I have just taken over as a joint moderator of the ThreeBagsFull group on Ravelry. All of the members are great fans of Michele's wonderful project bags which she sells from her Etsy shop here. The bags are beautifully made - fully lined with co-ordinating fabrics, ribbons and handmade beads. Michele has just started making dpn cases too and I may have bought one!! Before long, she will be celebrating her 4000th sale, and that bag will be free! Why not pop over to her shop and treat yourself. Your knitting projects deserve a nice home, don't they?! Also come and join our group on Ravelry. We are planning lots of fun things over the coming weeks and months. Hope to see some of you there! Bye for now! xxx


Claire said...

Wow you've been a busy lady. Food looks absolutely delicious, might just pop over for dinner ... it's only about 200 odd miles :)

Lace shawl is lovely. I like those patterns where they get smaller.

Poor Florence, you'll have to treat her to some catnip or something.

snoopydog said...

Yummy, yummy! Love the Les Abeilles! The house is looking very organised too. Look forward to seeing you next weekend. Ros

Michele in Maine said...

Oh, what fun it must be to cook in your new kitchen! Everything looks simply delicious, especially the ginger cake and rice pudding (a favorite of mine too!).

Thanks for the kind words about my bags! The group is getting quite lively, isn't it?

Lynne said...

Your shawl is beautiful, I love the colours, and the socks like grwat!

Anonymous said...

oh your shawl is absolutely lovely!!
and the socks are fabulous - love the colors!

but man, all that food is making me hungry! :) luckily it's almost dinner time over here!

Rachel A said...

Gorgeous shawl and I was so excited to see a good old fashioned, baked rice pudding! We like the skin in our house too!

Jenny Peacock said...

Impressed, not just finished articles but you've been baking and cooking too. Obviously well settled in to the new house, well apart from Flo, hope she soon stakes out her territory too.