Sunday, 10 March 2013

Five things

Five things that have made me happy this week.

1. Florence has been wearing collar number 2 since last Thursday, and so far, so good! This one has a little clip to secure it, rather than having to thread the loose end through a buckle, and she seems much happier. The next step will be to attach the magnet that operates the cat flap. In the meantime, she is making herself well and truly at home on my sheepskin!

Flo snuggles into the fleece (4)

2. Having a Saturday brunch! We hardly ever have a cooked breakfast, but treated ourselves yesterday to the full works. Mr JK's plate had an added extra - black pudding!! Not for me, I'm afraid!
Saturday brunch (2)

3. Seeing my good friend Snoopydog yesterday afternoon. While Mr JK was watching Norwich City play at Carrow Road, Snoops and I caught up over a mug of tea and ginger biscuits. I admired her lovely crochet blanket, and of course, Oscar thought it was his!
Oscar wants a blanket

4. Receiving some yarn from Nancy in the USA. She very kindly gifted me some yarn from the Fall in Full Color club, together with some beautiful buttons. I shared the yarn with Snoops! Thank you Nancy, you are so generous.
Holda from Nancy (1)

5. Eating bread and butter pudding with custard, another childhood favourite as Mr JK and I both remembered our dear Mums today, on Mother's Day.
bread and butter pudding 005

I hope lots of things have made you happy this week! xxx


Kaiya said...

Those home-cooked meals look delicious! Definitely happy-making!

Jenny said...

Our neighbours had the same cat flap system but the local stray worked out how to nip in right behind them. We like a smart cat so we adopted him, Gus lived with us for many years and was gorgeous. Now how about you adopting Mr FF he loves a cooked breakfast.

SapphireBlue said...

Yummy food! I'm starving! I like you pretty cat.

Anonymous said...

yay for flo! (for the collar, not for hogging your sheepskin!)

oh your meals look so delicious, i'm kinda hungry over here now!

glad you and ms.snoops were able to enjoy some time together. glad to know too that my pets aren't the only ones who think everything i knit is especially for them to lay on!

Michele in Maine said...

Bread and butter pudding with custard - how yummy is that?!