Sunday, 23 June 2013

Enjoying the peace and quiet

Oh it's so good to be back home again!! The children had a great time last week; luckily the weather was pretty good and they were kept busy with all sorts of activities. I came back home completely worn out. It is exhausting being on duty 24/7! I have been relishing my personal space and the peace and quiet. It's incredible just how noisy 25 children can be at meal times!! I did manage to get a little knitting done, mostly on the bus journeys. I also knit a few rows while the children were canoeing. I've finished the first sock now. The yarn is gorgeous - the angora adds a little touch of luxury.

sanity sock WIP (2)

I don't think I ever showed you the swap parcel I received recently. It was in the ThreeBagsFull group on Ravelry. We swapped a midi sized bag along with some goodies. My partner was Anne and she sent me a really fun bird print bag, a skein of yarn, some chocolate, a shawl pin and a mini yarn skein keyring. If you'd like to take part in one of these swaps in the future, come along and join in our group. We have a couple of fun swaps planned before the end of the year.
3BF swap with Anne (2)

We have had some quite beautiful poppies blooming in the garden over the past couple of weeks. Sadly the wet and windy weather this weekend has pretty much finished them off, but they did look magnificent!

poppies! 002

June blooms 2013 (3)
The Tour de Fleece starts next weekend, so I hope to be spinning every day. I'm in a couple of teams on Ravelry, but we aren't competitive at all. It's just for fun! I'm not going to set myself any goals this time round, other than to spin as much as possible.
Well, I shall love you and leave you for today. Before I go, I must just share the pudding that Mr JK had waiting for me when I got home on Friday - homemade steamed syrup sponge and custard. Mmmmmmm, it tasted so yummy! xxx
steamed syrup sponge and custard


Anonymous said...

I love poppies - and yours are a gorgeous color!

Claire said...

I love your poppies, and your sock yarn, so delicious. Where did you get that? I want some :)

I shall be popping over to join your swap club, I love these.

Kathy said...

You must be exhausted, and looking forward to the end of term now.
Your poppies are gorgeous!
Kathy xxx

Helsie said...

Glad you survived your week away. Just love those poppies. We only grow Iceland poppies here in Oz. Those ones you are growing are such a pretty colour.

Michele in Maine said...

Love the poppies, and the sponge cake - oh, my, so delicious! Nice work, Mr. JK!

Bizzy B said...

I can't get beyond that wonderful looking sponge & I found a recipe from It calls for a pudding basin. I have a vague idea what that is, but am wondering if someone can tell me what would substitute - maybe a pyrex bowl??

Lynne said...

Angora socks sound fantastically decadent! I hope they're for you. Loving all your swap gifts, and the poppies are gorgeous. I've some that are flowering now too.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! those poppies are so so gorgeous!!
glad your trip went well! you definitely deserved all the pudding and rest you want after that!!

snoopydog said...

Home you've found some peace and quiet this week! Not long now! Ros x