Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tour de Fleece Day 9

I started spinning some new fibre today, some Blue Faced Leicester fibre from Briar Rose. My friend Kim picked it out for mc at Rhinebeck last year. Chris does some gorgeous dyeing with wonderful blends of subtle colours. It's certainly a contrast to that gorgeous pink fluff I was spinning last week. I'm experimenting a little with my wheel, and have changed the ratio that I'm spinning at to see if I can add some more twist. I'm still getting patches of underspun yarn every so often. It's such a learning curve. Anyhow, I've split the fibre in half and spun the first half this afternoon while watching Andy Murray win the Men's Singles final at Wimbledon. What an exciting match it was with a fantastic result!! Tomorrow is a rest day on the Tour, so I'll be able to catch you up with some other things! xxx
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Tour de Fleece 2013 Day 9 (11)


snoopydog said...

Wow! Looks amazingly good to a mere novice such as myself. I really like the colours too. Great to see you today!! Thanks so, so much for my fab presses. My hands smell divine! :-) x

Stitched Together said...

That is very pretty fibre. The tennis was amazing yesterday. I couldn't spin while watching it because I still have to look at my hands. I knit instead on a really simple thing and I knit loads because I sped up whenever things got tense LOL

Anonymous said...

ooooh i love briar rose fibers - their colors are always so gorgeously muted!
and this braid is no exception!
a big color change from all that bright pink though - good to shake things up a bit!