Monday, 2 September 2013

Some things just don't change!

Well here I am, back from Greece! We had a wonderful time. We've been going back to the same village on the island of Kos every year since 2002 and it's just as magical now as it was the first time. Sunshine, soft golden sand, clear blue seas, delicious food, cats and kittens, knitting, reading, Scrabble........... I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Greece 2013 024

Greece 2013 034

Greece 2013 150

Greece 2013 045

Greece 2013 016

Greece 2013 012

Greece 2013 061

Greece 2013 161
Greece 2013 153

Greece 2013 139

Greece 2013 100

Greece 2013 175

Greece 2013 005

Greece 2013 001

Greece 2013 035

Greece 2013 050

Greece 2013 029

Greece 2013 068

Greece 2013 140

Greece 2013 032

Greece 2013 124

My head is still very much in holiday mode which is rather a shame as school starts again tomorrow!! But it's been a great summer and I seem to have done loads. I'll be back soon to share some knitting with you. xxx


TT in MD said...

fabulous pictures! that ocean is so inviting. and the kitty cats - so adorable! glad you had a relaxing time. Torre

Clicky Needles said...


Michele in Maine said...

I can just feel the water swirling around my toes! And that baklava - incredible!!!

Welcome back!

Stitched Together said...

I'm so jealous, it looks beautiful. I love the Med.

Claire said...

Oh what lovely pictures, I am quite green with envy. The kitten is especially adorable. Such amazing colours as well. You must get loads of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

i too never tire of you traveling to greece! your photos are always a highlight!! such beauty!
and that kitten, so sweet! you always have such sweet kitty pictures from greece! :)

how did you like "year of wonders?" i read it a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. have you read "people of the book" by the same author? it's amazing as well!

snoopydog said...

Glad to see you had a fabulous time!!! LOVE those cute kitty cats! Rosxx