Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day plus 1

Well good evening to you! I do hope that you had a lovely day yesterday. Mr JK and I spent the day at home - it was a wonderfully chilled out affair. I do love a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. And of course, Christmas pudding with custard! Mmmmmmmm! Santa was very generous and gave me some very nice gifts. Flo gave me a heated seat cover for my car - what a thoughtful kitty! I get so cold when I'm driving, so it will be most welcome. She, however, was not so enthusiastic about the gift that Santa brought her and has studiously ignored her scratching post. Who needs a scratching post when you have carpet to claw?! Florence showed much more interest in the wrapping paper!
Flo enjoys the wrapping paper! (3)

In an attempt to cancel out some of the calories consumed over the festive season, Mr JK and I have been out walking. The light was beautiful on Christmas Eve afternoon when we walked around the village.
Christmas Eve walk (1)

Christmas Eve walk (7)

This morning we went up to the North Norfolk coast and walked along the beach at Wells-next-the-Sea. This area was badly affected by the storm surges at the beginning of December, with many properties and businesses being flooded. We could only imagine the power of the sea by looking at the remains of some of the beach huts there. You can see in the first couple of photos where entire beach huts have been destroyed.
Wells Boxing Day 2013 006

Wells Boxing Day 2013 009

Wells Boxing Day 2013 012

Surprisingly, there weren't that many people out for a Boxing Day walk, although the dull weather may well have put some people off. The beach was quite empty as you can see. Afterwards, we walked back through the pinewoods.
Wells Boxing Day 2013 014

Wells Boxing Day 2013 016

Now you must excuse me, as I have a deadline for finishing some test knitting. Let's get those needles smoking!! See you soon. xxx


Lynne said...

What is it with cats and wrapping paper?! It keeps them amused for hours. The photos of the beach huts are a bit scary! It really does show the power of the weather.

TT in MD said...

Beautiful pictures - love the pine woods!

Jenny said...

Glad your Christmas was good, everything was calm here but I do feel for all those people without power. I hope the beach huts will be replaced they are such a lovely feature on the beach. So press on with the knitting and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you had a nice christmas!
and *maybe* once the wrapping paper is gone flo will be interested in her scratching post? maybe not? :)

the photos of your walk on the beach are gorgeous! thank you for sharing them with us!!
we just got home yesterday to below zero (fahrenheit) temps and it's snowing today... so no leisurely walks for me! i will have to take luna on a walk later... but it will be a brisk one!

enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

snoopydog said...

Looks like your Christmas has been delightful! Nice Pandora pressie I spy;-) ! Wishing you, MrJK and Flo a happy and peaceful 2014, as well as a YARNY one too for for you and by the looks of it, Flo!!! Lots of love xx

SapphireBlue said...

Another one of my bloggy friends posted about her cat and the wrapping paper. Hours of fun! Merry Christmas. Your photos are lovely.

Anonymous said...

It was such a stormy end to the year, terrible for people coping with floods or no power. Love the woods and beach, shame about the pretty beach huts though. Here in Michigan we had a mild end of year and a bitterly cold beginning (-22C) this morning. Got almost 12" of snow too on New Year's Day with another 6-8" for this weekend! Good knitting weather though!