Saturday, 21 December 2013

Playing catchup!

counting down week 3 (3)
Whoosh!! Where have the last two weeks gone?! I have been suffering with a throaty bug which left me without a voice for a couple of days. Thankfully, it is finally showing signs of going, so with any luck I ought to be fine for Christmas. Yesterday was the last day of term and I am looking forward to a lazy, self-indulgent fortnight!
Last weekend, Mr JK and I went to Amsterdam. It's been a while since we visited, and we enjoyed it just as much as before. Here's a snapshot of our weekend.
Amsterdam Dec 2013 001

Amsterdam Dec 2013 004

Amsterdam Dec 2013 011

Amsterdam Dec 2013 009

Amsterdam Dec 2013 005

Amsterdam Dec 2013 012
Amsterdam Dec 2013 029

Amsterdam Dec 2013 008

Amsterdam Dec 2013 015

Amsterdam Dec 2013 002

Amsterdam Dec 2013 003

Amsterdam Dec 2013 031

Amsterdam Dec 2013 017

There was a Festival of Light going on across the City and we encountered this piece of artwork both during the day ........
Amsterdam Dec 2013 013

and also at night, when it looked pretty amazing!

Amsterdam Dec 2013 021

I have lots more to share with you, but will save that for another post. I will just let you know who the winner of my birthday giveaway was - the random number generator selected post number 4 which was Marie. I will be in touch with you on Ravelry to make arrangements to get your prize to you. Thanks for all who entered! See you soon. xxx


Marie said...

Helen, it was such a wonderful surprise to wake up to winning the sock pattern. It has been so cold and snowy here in Calgary without the usual sunshine so this brightened up my day.
Thank you
I love reading your blog and seeing your photos.

Anonymous said...

oh i love amsterdam! your photos are gorgeous! i love that glass installation above the tree and those snowmen with salty licorice hats - yum!!

i'm sorry you've been under the weather! here's to a healthy christmas!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Lucky you! I love Amsterdam. I've never been in the winter. Those chocolates loo kamazing.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Bizzy B said...

Thanks so much for your pictures. I love to see any you post of your travels including any just around your home & neighborhood. I too love Amsterdam so these pictures are particularly appealing.