Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tis the season to be swapping!

I love this time of year! It's so much fun picking out gifts for yarn-loving friends around the world and then sending them off on their journey to delight (hopefully!) their recipients! I have made a lot of friends through Ravelry and still swap goodies once or twice a year with some of them. This week I received three squishy swap parcels. Luckily my postie is well trained and hides them away for me!!
My first parcel was from Beki who lives in Oregon. We first swapped in one of the Knitspot groups a couple of years ago.
She sent me a whole pile of goodies including some gorgeously soft yak and merino fibre, an assortment of chocolate, some kitty snips, stitch markers and a Lo-Lo bar. She didn't forget Florence either, and sent her a catnip toy. Flo soon had her paws on that! (Apologies for the blurry picture!)
I also received a parcel from Cathy in Canada. We swap fibre and yarn a couple of times a year. Cathy went on a fabulous yarn cruise this summer and I was excited to see what treasures she picked out for me. I wasn't disappointed! Some 100% Icelandic yarn to spin, along with three skeins of yarn. The first, from Ireland, is a butter-soft sock yarn in beautiful, strong shades of blue and green, the second a skein of hand spun from Newfoundland and the third, a cat themed yarn (and a percentage of the cost goes to a cat charity) in black and white. The colour way is called Tuxedo cat!!
My final parcel was from Judy - she was my partner in the most recent Knitspot swap I have taken part in. She really spoilt me with two skeins of yarn - some Shalimar Breathless fingering weight and a skein of Spirit Trail Holda in a purple to die for!! She also sent me some delicious chocolate, a cute olive tape measure and other knitting notions and some treats for Flo! What a lucky girl she is!
Although work has been extremely hectic this week, I have managed to do a little knitting and finished the Creel hat for Mr JK. I made it a snug fit as Mr JK is not fond of slouchy hats. The yarn is lovely - Shalimar Breathless DK - a mix of merino, silk and cashmere, so Mr JK should consider himself well and truly pampered!!
I have also started a cowl for my friend Charlotte. It's in a bulky weight yarn so I hope it will knit up quickly. I'm using some Lang Mille Colore yarn in different shades of pink and I like how it's looking so far.
It's going to be another busy week and we are off to Amsterdam next weekend. I'll try and pop in during the week for a quick chat! Have a good week! xxx


snoopydog said...

Wow! What a lucky girl you are! I love that black and white 'cat' yarn! Lots of wonderful knotty possibilities there! ROs

Anonymous said...

oh what wonderful swap packages!! how fun to continue to swap with the same people throughout the years!

Dr. Cynthia said...

Love discovering your blog! The new socks look perfect. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Hope we get a chance to meet someday.

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic parcels, I might have to sign up for a swap on Ravelry. Love the hat, I'm looking for a cowl pattern for my husband and was thinking along the lines of a basket weave, I really like how it's turned out on your hat and has cemented it in my mind. I'm going to friend you on Ravelry, so I can see that pattern when I need to, you don't have to return the favour though!


SapphireBlue said...

Woo-hoo! Nice swag!