Monday, 13 January 2014

I don't like to complain but ......

........ I really feel that I must!

Miaow Miaow Miaow everyone. Florence here! You all know just what great taste I have in yarn. And how I feel it my duty to test out knitting for cosiness and squishability at all times.
flo's new blankie (3)

Flo asleep in yarn box 003

I have been known to 'look after' balls of wool for my Mum too, I keep them safe in my bed!

Flo's babies! 001

Flo and Breakfast Blend 037

A long, long time ago, before we moved into our new house, Mum started knitting with possibly the softest yarn I have ever seen. It was just my colour too. I tried to show her just how much I loved it by stealing the balls of yarn! I was very excited about the idea of such a soft blankie. So I kept a beady eye on the progress of the knitting.
guardian of the mink and cashmere yarn (2)

I was a bit confused as to why my blankie needed to be knit in separate pieces. I'd be happy with a simple square, honestly. It doesn't even need all that fancy cabling she's done (although it does look rather stylish!) Then we moved house and my blankie got packed away in a big box. I felt a bit sad.
As soon as we were settled, I made it my mission to find my blankie. I searched high and low, and finally I found it. I couldn't understand why Mum had left it in a bag by the side of the sofa rather than spread it out for me. Never mind, I soon made myself comfortable!
Flo gets comfy on 'her' mink and cashmere blankie

Oh bliss! To be snuggled into such soft mink and cashmere is something that most pussycats can only dream of!
Last weekend, my blankie got moved. Mum pinned it out on a big mat. I was thrilled to discover that I had not one, not two, not three but four blankies!! What a lucky girl I am. She even steamed them with this strange contraption that I think is called an iron (I don't often see it being used in this house haha!) So my blankies now have lovely straight edges. How kind, I thought!
blocking Milky Mink WIP (4)

Yesterday, Mum put my blanket on the dining table! How weird I thought. Perhaps this is where she wants me to sleep now. Happy to oblige, I hopped up and settled down.
sweater seaming step 1 001

But apparently Mum didn't want me to sleep on there and after a few words, I had to sit on her lap while she put pins in my blankie! Seriously NOT impressed here!
sweater seaming step 1 002

But I had to get back onto my blankie. Ignoring the perils of the pins (I'm very brave!), I took possession of my cosy handknit once again. This time I gave Mum one of my 'looks' and swished my tail vigorously to show her that I wasn't happy! I know it's rude, but sorry, but what else could I do?
sweater seaming step 1 003

I fear that I am not yet victorious in the Battle of the Blankie. I will be back with more news later. Miaow Miaow Miaow! xxx


Bridget said...

Well, you do have to admit that Florence has good taste ... :-)

Lynne said...

10 out of 10 for persistence Florence! And you do have great taste in yarn!

Una said...

This is hilarious. Of course you now know that you will have to knit a real blanket with this yarn. Your jumper won't be safe until you do!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor love! I hope you let her down gently!

busybusybeejay said...

What a character!That cat has got taste,expensive tastes too.

Jenny said...

I'm with you Florence. I don't know what she's messing about at all that pinning out etc, she just needs to layer the pieces and let you snuggle. Do you need to me come round and explain?

snoopydog said...

Dear Flo! I think she may trying to make a point!!!!!! XX

SapphireBlue said...

The kitty looks so comfy. Your knitting looks great.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Oh Florence! Ziggy, Kitty and Purcey sympathize. Humans do such strange things with our blankies.

Lovely account of your efforts though.

Purcey finds a good pummeling improves squishability BTW....