Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spinning and more bread!

The pattern for this month's BareNakedKnitspot treat was released on Monday. As I am pattern only, I have decided to try and spin yarn for each project. The pattern is a hat, mitts and cowl set in a worsted weight yarn. The yarn is gorgeous, specially spun for Knitspot - a mix of merino and Romney, making a lovely bouncy yarn with plenty of loft for insulation. I would love to knit the cowl, which has a stunning cabled design, so I rummaged deep in the stash to find two braids of purple merino fibre.
fibre goodness from Kat (6)

I didn't waste any time and began spinning the same day. I made a conscious effort to try to spin thicker than usual, since my normal spinning tends to produce a fingering (ish) weight yarn once plied. I love the depth of colour in this fibre and it is really bouncy.
spinning for BNK Feb2104 003

A little bit of spinning each day has seen me finish the first braid of fibre. I let it ply back on itself to get some idea of weight. It's definitely heavier than fingering, and will probably fluff up a bit after it's had a soak too.
BNK spinning (1)

As well as spending time spinning, I have also found time to do some more baking. This time, I made some cheesy garlic bread. It is delicious. You can find the recipe here. You mix up the ciabatta bread mix and roll it out into a rectangle.

making cheesy garlic bread (2)

Spread with garlic butter and cover with grated cheese. I used a mixture of mozzarella and mature Cheddar. Sprinkle on some dried oregano.

making cheesy garlic bread (3)

Roll it up into a long sausage shape and cut into slices. The recipe suggests cutting into 8, but these would be enormous. I managed to get 18 slices out of mine!
making cheesy garlic bread (4)

I arranged my slices on two baking trays making 'flower' shapes around a central slice. Dot over any leftover garlic butter.

making cheesy garlic bread (1)

Cover with clingfilm and leave somewhere warm. I put mine in the airing cupboard for an hour or so to rise. They should roughly double in size!

cheesy garlic bread 002

Bake for 25-30 minutes and breathe in that delicious garlicky bready aroma. Once cooked, leave to cool briefly on a wire rack before tearing apart and sharing!!

cheesy garlic bread 004

Can you imagine how big the pieces would be if you only made 8 of them?! We tear off portions, wrap them in foil and freeze them. Perfect for popping straight into the oven to eat with some soup or pasta. Mmmmmmmmm! Enjoy! xxx

Mmmmm cheesy garlic bread 001


Anonymous said...

oh yum! that bread looks divine!!
as does your spinning!!!
you are just all sorts of lovely over there!! :)

SapphireBlue said...

You have a lot of creating going on.