Sunday, 2 March 2014

Made to Measure

I have become just a teensy bit addicted to a little bit of hooky business over the past few weeks! It all started when I received a gorgeous little crocheted tape measure from my friend Marianne.
swap with Marianne (3)

I found the pattern doing a little detective work on Marianne's project page (just call me Miss Marple!) and set about making one for another Ravelry friend, Katharine. I am not a great crocheter, knitting is my first love and if I'm honest, I found the pattern a little confusing in places. Still, I managed to fudge it and turned out a cute measure of my own. Katharine was delighted when I gave it to her in January.

seriously cute tape measure (1)

I managed to find some more retractable tape measures at my local yarn store, and since then, there's been no stopping me! I've adapted the pattern to make it simpler (for me!) without the flower. I quite like the streamlined appearance.
Nancy was first on the gift list, and I made hers in an oddment of grey yarn with a flash of hot pink to bring it to life. She was thrilled with it!
BareNaked tape measures 001

Next was a birthday gift for Anne, knit using some of her own yarn. I used buttons to fashion a Knitspot olive on the top!
BareNaked tape measures 008

Last week I made two more - one for Bobbie (who likes blue) and one for Kim (who is the queen of all things purple!)
gift tape measures 008

gift tape measures 003

I can see me making loads more of these as little extra gifts for swaps and presents. They are pretty quick to make. I easily made one during the course of a day over half term, picking it up at various points.They hardly use any yarn and it's fun to customise them for individuals. So go on, why don't you make one too?!
Before I go, I must just let you know who won the Snowdrops giveaway from last week. The random number selector picked Barbara. Well done Barb! I'll get in touch with you about gifting you the pattern! xxx


Una said...

These are great gift ideas. A good tape measure is always welcome.

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic!!!
what a fun idea, and i love how you've adapted each one to suit the recipient!

Lynne said...

These are fab! What a great way to use up ends of yarn - and off I go to look at the pattern... ;)

Jennyff said...

Still haven't managed to teach myself crochet yet, but that would be a great stash buster producing lovely creative gifts. Sometimes I think I just don't try, call me the lazy pensioner.

Josie said...

Wow, you look like an expert to me! What a lovely present x

Celia said...

That's very cool!