Sunday, 18 May 2014

Early morning walk

Pretty much every morning and evening, Mr JK and I have taken to walking around the country lanes close to our house. My old friends would laugh if they knew how much I enjoy these walks, because in days gone by, I was rather a reluctant walker! But nowadays, I find myself relishing the peace and quiet of the half hour or so at the start and end of the day - it's the perfect opportunity to catch your breath and clear your mind.
We set off and pass Mabel's house; I think Mabel is probably a dog, although she might be a hen!! A cat lives in the house too, but I don't think closing the gate is going to stop her, do you?!
Early morning walk May 2014 001

Round the corner we go, and down a single track lane. There are a couple of farms down here. One of the barns has definitely seen better days, the ivy is beginning to claim victory as it clambers its way across the old door.

Early morning walk May 2014 002

The sun comes up and the fields of grain almost shimmer in the light of the dawn. A silvery green sea, rippling in the light breeze.
Early morning walk May 2014 003

Early morning walk May 2014 005

Early morning walk May 2014 009

Early morning walk May 2014 017

An archway through the hedge leads to another pathway, along the edge of the field. We decide not to take this path and keep to the lane.
Early morning walk May 2014 006

We notice that seedlings are starting to appear in clearly marked rows. Maize and sugar beet are popular crops in this part of the UK.
Early morning walk May 2014 010

Early morning walk May 2014 018

Early morning walk May 2014 020

We spot a snail crossing the road, he's almost halfway across by the time we see him. I hope he makes it all the way over safely!
Early morning walk May 2014 012
Nearly at the corner of the lane, the hedgerows are full of wild flowers. The cow parsley is all show, with its froths of white lace.

Early morning walk May 2014 013

Early morning walk May 2014 016

Buttercups have suddenly appeared. They remind me of being a little girl again, holding one under a friend's chin to see if you could see yellow; that meant they liked butter! Did you do that too?!
Early morning walk May 2014 019

We turn the corner and keep our eyes open for wildlife. Last week we saw a fox cub emerging from the verge, his breakfast in his mouth. Today we don't see anything, although I expect plenty of wildlife saw us! The birds accompany us all the way round with their tweets.
Early morning walk May 2014 014

We walk past hedgerows that will be laden with delicious blackberries later in the year. The hawthorn is covered with blossom, some white and some pink.
Early morning walk May 2014 023

Almost back to civilisation, we walk past a post box dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. I bet it could tell a few stories from letter that have been posted in it over the years!

Early morning walk May 2014 024

The lowing of the cows tells us we are nearly back home. I think they are complaining that they are waiting to be milked!

local walk 27.04 (3)

Just a few more steps and we are back home again, refreshed and recharged after our walk. I feel so, so lucky to live somewhere so beautiful. xxx


SapphireBlue said...

Beautiful photos. I'm guessing Mabel is a dog.

Helsie said...

It certain
Y is a lovely part of the world.

Lynne said...

What lovely photographs. I'm dying to know who Mabel is now! Oh, and yes I did the buttercup thing too.

Claire said...

Lovely pictures, it's relaxing just looking at them. You have to find out who Mabel is now. :) I did the Buttercup thing as well and made Daisy chains in the grass.

snoopydog said...

Beautiful!!! Hope SATs went okay. Not long now 'til half-term. Counting down! ROs

Megan Hobby Kauffman said...

What a lovely post! You do live in a lovely part of the world. I've come to see your blog several times now and thought I should say hi! I have a knitting blog/ business over at I'd love for you to visit! Thank you for your charming posts!

melissa said...

thank you for taking us along on your beautiful walk!
i want mabel to be a cow... but you're probably right, she's probably a dog.