Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tour de Fleece Day 18

My first bobbin is plied, soaked and skeined! I have about 180 metres of sport-weight yarn and I absolutely love it! The fibre was an absolute delight to spin and the colours that Chris at Briar Rose Fibers uses are stunning. If you'd like some fibre like this, pop over to Chris's website. I bet you don't come away empty handed!!

Anyhow, here's how my skein is looking.............

Tour de Fleece 2014 Day 18 (7)

Tour de Fleece 2014 Day 18 (9)

Tour de Fleece 2014 Day 18 (10)

I have two more bobbins to ply - one contains more bluey-green singles and less purple and the other is more like this one I think. I have this pattern in mind, or something similar. I think I will probably have to do a fair bit of maths to get the sizing right, but I just love the stripiness (is that a real word?!) of the cardigan. I have been playing with different coloured skeins in my stash to see the effects of the various colours next to my handspun. I have a favourite combination, I wonder if it's the same as yours. Please let me know your choice! Back to plying again tomorrow! xxx

stripy cardigan options


snoopydog said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The colours are just beautiful! Ros x

Petersson13 said...

Lovely yarn, and the lime green just zings with it!

Judy said...

Wow, Helen, this looks like a tough decision to make.
Any of your possibilities would work, but I guess I am drawn to the blue w/your handspun. All I can say is, I'm GLAD the final decision isn't left to me! Your yarn is gorgeous, and the sweater will be, too, whatever you decide!

Judy said...

Went back and looked again. Now I'm thinking the aqua! See what I mean. I'm glad YOU have to choose!

melissa said...

oh good golly that skien is completely gorgeous!!!

i would vote the lime green! i love how it pops and complements your handspun.