Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Go Big or Go Home!

.............. that's a saying that my friend Kim is very fond of. So with that in mind, I have given myself an ambitious target list of projects to work on over the holidays. I thought I'd share them all with you now, and then in September I can revisit this list to see how I've done! (The notes I have next to each item were made at the start of the holidays; I have made some progress on some of these now!)

1. Gabriola socks - half a sock knitted
2. crochet ripple baby blanket - 2 repeats of the colour sequence done
3. Twig and Leaf shawl - 1 pattern repeat done
4. 64 Crayons blanket - needs edging
5. test knit sock - to start
6. Pueperium cardigan - to start
7. Simple baby hat - to start
8. plain vanilla socks for a friend's daughter - to start
9. socks for Monika for when we go to Germany in September - to start
10. socks for Hermi - to start
11. socks for Coral - to start
12. podster mitts for Muriel - to start
13. swap gift for Kat - to start
14. swap gift for Kim - to start
15. swap gift for Julie - to start
16. Purple Passion club shawl - to start
17. September Morn sweater - to start

Each project is in its own bag, ready and waiting! I'm off to Devon for the weekend so will need to pick out a suitable project for some train knitting. I'll report back soon on my progress. xxx


Una said...

Phew! I think a list that long would freak me out. But lots of knitters are like you and thrive on lots of WIPs. Enjoy them!

SapphireBlue said...

Wow! That's a lot! I can't wait to see what everything looks like.

melissa said...

i'm exhausted just reading your list! but you are amazing and so productive that i've no doubt you'll accomplish your goals!!