Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Being accountable

Well, I have put off writing this post for long enough. You may remember that I set myself what now seems a ridiculously overambitious list of projects to complete over the summer holidays. Since my next school holiday is looming (we finish for the October half term break tomorrow, yay!!), I thought that it really was time to face the music! So here goes.........

1. Gabriola socks - done!

finished Gabriola socks (3)

2. Crochet ripple baby blanket - done!

Baby girl ripples (4)

3. Twig and Leaf shawl - untouched!

4. 64 Crayons blanket - done!

64 Crayons done! (1)

5. Test knit sock to start - half done! I test knitted one of the socks, but its partner is still waiting to be knitted. 

Pink Pony sock WIP (2)

6. Puerperium cardigan - done!

Raspberry Ripple Puerperium (1)

7. Simple baby hat - done!

Rapsberry Ripple simple baby hat (3)

8. Plain vanilla socks - done!

socks for Eve (2)

9. Socks for Monika - not started!

10. Socks for Hermi - not started!

11. Socks for Coral - done!

Coral's basketweave socks (1)

12. Podster mitts for Mu - done!

Mu's flip top mitts (2)

13. Swap gift for Kat - currently on the needles!

14. Swap gift for Kim - done! Photo later once we have exchanged packages!

15. Swap gift for Julie - done!

16. Purple Passion club shawl - not started!

17. September Morn sweater - not started!

In addition, I have crocheted two tape measure cosies as gifts.

swap gift for Nancy (4)

tape measure cosy gift (2)

On the whole, I am happy with what I managed to finish, although I would have loved it if I'd managed to knit the sweater too! It's getting chilly here and I could do with a warm sweater right now! 

Mr JK and I are off to Yorkshire on Friday. I am really looking forward to it - it's a part of the world that I don't know at all. I shall be taking my gift knitting for Kat and the test knit sock to try and get them both done and dusted. I have several projects (as yet, not even in project bags, but calling out to me all the same!) that will be waiting in the wings. I hope to blog a couple of times during the week so pop in to see what I'm up to. xxx


Una said...

That is a huge number of finished projects. I especially love the baby ripple blanket. As for yorkshire, I think I must have lived there in a former life. I always feel happy and "at home" when I visit....which isn't often enough.

Evelyn Hender said...

Wow you've been SUPER busy! Love the Crayons blanket, absolutely gorgeous. The socks are brilliant too

Judith White said...

What a great accomplishment in the
"dones" on your list! And everything is lovely. Enjoy your half term break!205

snoopydog said...

LOVE them all, but especially your Afghan. Have a fab week.We think it's a very special area!!!!! Rod x

knittingsandwich said...

wowza! this is a super impressive list!
especially loving the ripple as well :)

Lynne said...

That's quite a list, and I think you've done really well to get so many things finished - and everything looks gorgeous.

SapphireBlue said...

That's a lot of work you've done. I love everything. It looks beautiful.