Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 4 - York

We decided to take a trip to explore York today. York is an historic, walled city; founded by the Romans and in Medieval times, it was an important centre for wool trading. The city centre is dominated by the magnificent York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. The Minster was our first stop and we began by climbing up the 275 winding stone steps to get to the top of the tower. From the top, you get a fabulous view over the city. My legs were like jelly when I got to the bottom again! There is a great deal of restoration work going on and windows dating back to Medieval times are being displayed at ground level once all work is complete. To be able to look so closely at individual windows and admire their craftsmanship was quite a privilege. If you haven't been to York Minster before, here's a taster........

Day 4 - York (4)

Day 4 - York (9)

Day 4 - York (15)

Day 4 - York (27)

Day 4 - York (35)

Day 4 - York (32)

Day 4 - York (42)

Day 4 - York (8)

We walked through the heart of the city, taking in The Shambles - an ancient street mentioned in the Domesday book. Butchers had their shops here and the name of the street comes from the word 'shamel' which is a stall or bench on which meat was displayed.

Day 4 - York (52)

Although I did pop in briefly into Ramshambles, I resisted the urge to buy any yarn. However, I was unable to avoid the sweetshop-like temptations of Duttons button shop! What a fantastic collection of buttons they have there, I don't think I have ever seen quite so many different buttons in one place!

Day 4 - York (66)

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Dalby Forest. I'd better dig out my walking boots! xxx


Stitched Together said...

Thanks for sharing lovely photos of one of my favourite places in the world. I grew up in York and as a teenager I would occasionally get up really early and catch a bus into town and go and sit in the Minster before all the tourists had got up for their cooked breakfasts. I loved the peace and beauty of that building when there were hardly any other people there. I'm glad you got to go to Duttons it's a magical shop isn't it?

Una said...

I've been to York a few times but never had time to actually go into York Minster. Great photo. I will make time on my next visit.

DebbyMc said...

I really would like to visit York. Our family tree has been traced back to the 1500s there. It would be so interesting to see a place where ancestors lived so long ago. Beautiful photos, Helen! You are having a great vacation!

knittingsandwich said...

oh wow - the minister is amazing! what a stunning building, thanks for posting so many gorgeous photos!!
and a double oh wow for the button shop!! i hope we'll get to see what you purchased!!

SapphireBlue said...

Wow! The craftsmanship is amazing.