Friday, 14 November 2014

Between friends

Ravelry links knitters all over the world and I have made some wonderful friends through a shared love of all things woolly! Two of my closest knitting friends are Kim and Kat, who both live in the USA. We decided that we would have a swap to console each other for not being able to go to Rhinebeck in October. As well as swapping a skein of yarn and some edible treats, I knit each of them a pair of Helen socks. I love this pattern - it's a cosy sock, perfect for lazy weekends and it has a special meaning for me as it was named after me! I knit a pair for each in their favourite colours - purple and blue.  

Helen socks for Kat and Kim (2)

Helen socks for Kat and Kim (1)

As well as knitting the socks, I was busy sewing too. I made a little fabric bag for each of them in matching fabric. It will be fun to think of us as bag triplets, knitting away. 

sewing bags for gifts (2)

sewing bags for gifts (6)

sewing bags for gifts (3)

sewing bags for gifts (4)

sewing bags for gifts (5)

I had so much fun playing around on my sewing machine, I am planning a little more stitching over the weekend. Pop back on Sunday to see what I've been up to! xxx


Una said...

Your work is so well done and very useful as well.

snoopydog said...

Oh wow! Lucky Kim and Kat! Love the socks! Love the bags! xx

Helsie said...

Love the Internet, it certainly has added a lot to our lives. Those little bags are terrific.

Sally said...

I'm jealous of your friends, and of your woven labels, too! The zipper pulls are a great idea, too! So easy to customize the bead to the pouch color, I would thing, too.

Judith White said...

1599Your socks are lovely and the bags are beautiful! Your work is always such a joy to see.

Lynne said...

Love the socks, and the bags are brilliant! Did you use a pattern for them? My one attempt at a small bag was a bit of a disaster!

knittingsandwich said...

what a wonderful swap!
this definitely makes up for not going to rhinebeck in my opinion!
(and i love that you have a sock pattern named after you! we need to name a blanket pattern after flo now!)

SapphireBlue said...

Purple and blue are my favorite colors. Very pretty socks. Great job.