Sunday, 21 December 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

Term finished on Friday after a hectic week of performances, carol singing and parties. I am so looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet. However, I haven't sat idle all weekend. On Saturday morning I went into Norwich to a sewing workshop. Last month I did a machine appliqué class, and decided to turn my work into a cushion cover. I went for a festive theme for my first project, I love how it turned out and it'll be fun getting this cushion out each Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho applique cushion (8)

Of course, Flo has had to test it out for squishability and has given it the paws up!

Ho Ho Ho applique cushion (2)

My head is whirling with ideas for other appliqué projects; hopefully I will get the chance to have a play over the coming days. I also turned my crazy patchwork block into a smaller cushion cover while I had the chance.

cushions! (2)

Mr JK and I have also been busy in the kitchen. Sausage rolls have become a bit of a Christmas tradition for us; we use Delia's recipe which makes really delicious ones. They're now in the freezer, ready for snacking. They are so moreish that it's far safer for them to be out of temptation's way. Otherwise, I fear that we would not be able to resist munching our way through them.

sausage rolls (3)

A batch of biscuits followed, using a recipe from Mr JK's German Oma. They too are rather moreish! I fear for my waistline this holiday!

Christmas biscuits

I also made a jar of lemon curd, using a scaled down version of this recipe. Using one egg and one lemon, there's plenty of lemon curd for one smallish jar. I plan on having some on Christmas morning with a croissant. Mmmmmmmmm!

lemon curd

Last but by no means least, today we baked some marzipan stollen. Last year's was a bit of a monster and threatened to take over the oven, so we divided the dough in half and made two smaller ones this time. Of course, we felt we had to taste it, so enjoyed a slice with a cup of tea this afternoon. It was delicious! If you fancy giving it a try, here's the recipe we used.

Christmas stollen (6)

Mr JK is working right up to Christmas Eve, so I am planning some crafting time over the next couple of days. I'll be back to share what I've been doing very soon. xxx

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knittingsandwich said...

love your cushions!
and oh the baked goods!! i want to make sausage bread now! yum!!!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Great looking cushions! Our school district had school until Tuesday...and a full day..yeah no one was into it! Have a wonderful holiday..

Helsie said...

Merry Christmas from Downunder

Laura @Suddenexpression said...

The Christmas pillow is too cute! Might have to try that out!