Sunday, 7 December 2014

Day trip to Bruges!

Mr JK and I went for a trip to Belgium yesterday. We had an early start, and a clear run down to the Channel Tunnel and we arrived in Bruges around midday. Chocolate shopping was high on the agenda as well as looking around the Christmas market. Compared to some we have been to in the past, we found the market a little disappointing. There were the usual festive food stalls, selling bradwurst, gluhwein and waffles, but there weren't that many stalls selling Christmassy things. Bruges has some magnificent achitecture and we both agreed that we would like to return to explore further. Here's a little taste of the day........

Bruges 2014 (4)

Bruges 2014 (16)

Bruges 2014 (12)

Bruges 2014 (29)

Bruges 2014 (34)

Bruges 2014 (26)

Bruges 2014 (27)

Bruges 2014 (19)

Bruges 2014 (7)

Bruges 2014 (31)

We did make one or two purchases - a little wooden decoration which is already hanging on the tree......

Bruges Dec 2014 (1)

...... and a lace angel. I'm going to make a loop so it can be hung from the tree too.

Bruges Dec 2014 (3)

A few chocolates might have made their way back to  Norfolk, including this little lot. Almost every other shop in Bruges is a chocolate shop, there's temptation around every corner!

Bruges Dec 2014 (6)

An early night is in order as we didn't get back home until around midnight, and a certain little cat showed little respect for our late night! So I will love you and leave you for today. xxx

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Jenny said...

Well that was an adventure. I'd have been disappointed if the day hadn't involved chips and mayo.

Catherine said...

Looks like a beautiful festive day out!

knittingsandwich said...

what a wonderful day trip!!
all your photos are gorgeous, but that mayo photo made me swoon! now i want to eat fries and mayo for breakfast!! ;)

Claire said...

What a lovely town it is. I love the wooden decorations. On your way to the Channel Tunnel you will have whizzed past me in New Romney :) If I'd have know I'd have waved .... not that you would have seen me but it's the thought that counts.

Tory Bunting said...

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous day! Thanks for sharing. Tory

snoopydog said...

Wow! It all looks very lovely and very festive! xx