Friday, 26 December 2014

The second day of Christmas

Merry Christmas 2014

Meow meow all. Florence here! I hope you have all had a splendid Christmas Day. Mine was fabulous!  I went to sleep on Christmas Eve with my furry igloo all decked out........

Christmassy Flo 2014 (5)

I thought that I'd sniffed out which of the parcels was for me, but I was wrong!

festive Flo (5)

I got a really fun tin to keep my treats in. I have treats every night, just like my Mum and Dad, and I was just a teensy bit jealous that they have a tin for their treats; I wanted one too! So I dropped a few hints!! I also got a place mat for my dishes. I try not to make a mess when I eat, but this is going to keep my dining space lovely and clean. They are both brilliant gifts. Santa brought me three bags of cheesy treats! How did he know that was going to be the purrfect present for my tin? He's pretty clever, I reckon!

Christmassy Flo 2014 (6)

Christmassy Flo 2014 (1)

After I'd opened my presents, I had a lot of fun pouncing in the wrapping paper!

Christmassy Flo 2014 (7)

I didn't get my very own blankie, sadly, but I have spied some new yarn in the house which has definite snuggability potential. More of this at a later date. Right, I'm worn out and going for a snooze.  Meow meow meow! xxx

PS In case you are interested, this is what my Mum and Dad's treat tin looks like! And no, it's not full of cheesy treats!

Treats tin


Mad about Craft said...

I remember when curlywurlys were 3p!

Bridget said...

Looks like you had a good kitty Christmas - I hope you and your parents have a fun rest of Christmastime!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Well I recognize Cadbury and I've heard of Flake and CurlyWurleys, but never had tin! And great blog post..

Helsie said...

Funny ! Looks like the WHOLE family had a good Christmas !

Jenny said...

Flo sweetheart I'm so glad you had such a good Christmas and I'm sure the blankie is on its way, maybe Santa entrusted it to City Link as he was so busy.

Lynne said...

Hi Flo! Loving your pressies, and also your christmas lights on your igloo!

knittingsandwich said...

happiest of holiday wishes to all the members of the josiekitten family!!
flo's tin cracked me up! sassy kitty! :)